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Ranks of META Heroes affected by nerfs, buffs, and customizations in the latest Mobile Legends update

GAMEFINITY.ID, Jakarta – Moonton rolled out the latest update to the Mobile Legends game in early February 2021. Several heroes who had grown in popularity due to the proliferation of professional players in the M2 World Championship event were actually hit by Nerf. These include Brody, Benedetta, Yu Zhong, Lapu-Lapu, Wan Wan, Yi Sun Shin and Esmeralda.

The new Mobile Legends update is currently still rolling on the Advanced Server. The update is also planned to come on the original server in the next few weeks. In addition to providing the details of the heroes affected by the Buff, Nerf, and Customizations, Moonton also informed that the Uranus hero had time to return to the Land of Dawn.

In detail, Lapu-lapu, Benedetta and Yi Sun Shin (YSS) get Nerf from his Ultimate page. As for Brody, he got Nerf on the Stats and Skill 2 page, where his Ultimate was also adjusted. Nerf Skill One was geared towards Benedetta, Wanwan, and Esmeralda. The cooldown of the Ultimate Benedetta Skill Alecto: Final Bow has been increased from 34-28 seconds to 45-35 seconds.

Lapu-Lapu’s Nerf Homeland Defender will reduce the physical attack bonus from 200 percent to 150 percent. In addition, Lapu-Lapus Raging Slash Base Damage will decrease from 320-500 points to 280-400 points.

Meanwhile, some heroes receiving buffs are Beatrix, Aurora, Terizla, Moskov, and the “Clock of Fate” item. With this buff, Moskov is likely to become an OP hero candidate as he was previously also given a buff. Moskov’s Abyss Walker Skill Buff will increase attack speed from 20-70 percent to 40-70 percent.

Moonton also hosted a Valentine Card Flip event to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Later players have the opportunity to win free skins and battle emotes. Alucard “” Child of the Fall “”, Lesley “” Stellaris Ghost “”, Harley “” Great Inventor “”, Esmeralda “” Lady Thief “” and other skins await ML players.

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