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Profile and skills of Benedetta, the 100th heroine of Mobile Legends

GAMEFINITY.ID, Jakarta – Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has introduced a new assassin named Benedetta. The 100th Hero is being given away for free to all players as a token of Moonton’s gratitude to all players in the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre, which has brought the game’s total downloads to 1 billion.

Players who logged into the game yesterday on Saturday (November 7th, 2021) and Sunday (November 8th, 2021) can open the mailbox listed in the game and immediately claim Benedetta. If you missed the event, players can still purchase Benedetta through the Hero Shop by spending 32,000 BP.

So what are the profiles and skills of this one assassin hero? Benedetta is equipped with a large attack and quite high mobility. However, the Benedetta has the disadvantage that it is not very durable. Like most Mobile Legends heroes, Benedetta has three active skills and one passive ability.

Benedetta has a passive skill called Elapsed Daytime that allows Benedetta to collect sword intentions while suppressing basic attacks. When the sword intent is fully charged, Benedetta launches a swordout slash attack in the specified direction and moves forward. This attack deals physical damage to enemies passed by Benedetta. Sword intent can be gathered by dealing damage from simple attacks and abilities. The Sword Intent bar was characterized by the shape of the sword that was next to Benedetta.

As for active abilities, Benedetta has the first ability called Shadow Slash. This skill allows Benedetta to quickly withdraw, leaving a shadow clone in front of her. The shadow then attacks the enemy forward, dealing physical damage to the enemy hit. At the same time, Benedetta attacks forward, dealing physical damage.

Benedetta’s second ability is called An Eye for An Eye. By activating this skill, Benedetta will whiz in the direction the player wants. As long as this skill lasts, Benedetta is immune to all attacks and crowd control (CC) effects. Enemies within Benedetta’s range are affected by physical damage and snare effects. If Benedetta manages to block the CC effect for the duration of the skill, she will be stunned for 1.5 seconds instead of being slowed down.

Eventually, Benedetta can launch an ultimate attack called Alecto: Final Blow. Benedetta would rush forward, leaving a trail of attack on her way. This attack slows the target by 70 percent and lasts 0.8 seconds. Enemies are also subjected to a Sword Intent explosion for 2.5 seconds, dealing physical damage and slowing enemies by 20 percent every 0.2 seconds.

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