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PES 2022 is said to be a free game

GAMEFINITY.ID, Salatiga – After yesterday, Konami was suddenly released PES 2022 demo, it seems Konami’s surprise doesn’t stop there.

A game journalist from VGC Andy Robinson show that there is a possibility that PES 2022 is turned into a game Free to play, also known as free.

On the Off The Record podcast on the official VGC channel, Andy stated that Konami is currently making improvements and is now focused on game production.

One of Konami’s comeback tactics is to make PES 2022 a free-to-play game and prioritize online games like EA’s FIFA Online series.

This is evidenced by the release of the PES 2022 demo some time ago where Konami really wanted to test the PES 2022 match server and online connectivity.

“Konami is now showing signs of life. There will be a lot of new things in the PES range this year. I’ve heard that Konami is going to completely revamp PES and make it a free-to-play game. You can see for yourself the demo that you released on Playstation 5. “said Andi.

In fact, Konami’s tactics of changing PES 2022 this time around are quite brave and risky.

Watchers and fans are still wondering how the PES 2022 monetization system works, considering they also have to spend a lot of money to get official club and league licenses.

However, after research, it turns out that Konami had previously released the PES series for Free to Play, also known as Free.

In December 2021, Konami launched eFootball PES 2021 Lite, which is free to play.

PES 2021 Lite itself prioritizes the online functions of MyClub rather than offline. The PES 2021 Lite’s online Match MyClub feature is exactly the same as the regular PES 2021.

Game modes such as Master League and Become A Legend are not available in PES 2021 Lite. Teams that can be played offline are limited to licensed teams such as Barcelona, ​​Juventus, Arsenal, Manchester United, Bayern Munich and others.

Konami’s seriousness about diving back into the competitive gaming industry now looks very real. In addition to a major overhaul of the PES series, Konami is also planning a revival of the horror game series Silent Hill.

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