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Paquito Mobile Legends New skin, like Manny Pacquiao

This is what Paquito’s new skin looks like Mobile legends which just leaked. Very similar to Manny Pacquiao.

Recently there was a new leak of the Paquito skin. Rumor has it that this new skin will be available in April 2021.

And this is the first time Paquito has got a new skin after the normal skin that came with Paquito’s release.

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Paquito – Manny Pacquiao


It turns out that Paquito’s new skin doesn’t look like Manny Pacquiao at first glance, but the world-class boxer was the inspiration for this new skin.

Even the name of Paquito’s new skin itself is the same as the world-class boxer’s name, Manny Pacquiao Skin.

And as you might have guessed, this skin is most likely also part of the Mobile Legends collaboration with Manny Pacquiao that officially took place a while ago.

Not only is Paquito’s character inspired by Pacquiao, but his new skin will also be inspired by him.

When to release?

The timing of the release of the latest Paquito skin is still unclear, but based on reliable leaks, this skin will be released in April 2021 around the 13th.

So there is still a long time to go for those of you who want to save your diamonds and buy the latest Paquito skin.

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