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Online PC game "Hunter's Arena: Legends" recruits players for stress test

GAMEFINITY.ID, Jakarta – LINE POD or “Play-on-Desktop” was released some time ago and offers a number of interesting online games to play. One of them is “Hunter’s Arena: Legends”, which started its second closed beta in April last year. More than 150,000 players from around the world took part in this closed beta event, half of them from Asia.

Attractive graphics and oriental colors are key to grabbing the attention of gamers in the Asian region. Hunter’s Arena: Legends has created its own story based on the stories from ‘League of Gods’ and ‘Journey to the West’, with breathtaking eastern landscapes and 12 characters from a unique world.

Another key factor that strengthens the presence of this game is the unique gameplay that it has. The core elements of an MMORPG, MOBA and combat system, inspired by Japanese fighting styles, are combined in Battle Royale and other modes. In Thailand, the famous Youtuber “Primkung” presented this game twice on his channel. The popular Facebook influencer “Lowcostcosplay” also imitates a character’s style in this game by using toilet paper.

“Since the game was developed in Asia, the Asian market has become very important,” said Yoon Junghyung, CEO of Mantisco, game developer.

“The free trial will be available for 4 days, June 26-27 and July 2-4. We hope that there will be a lot of players from Asia participating and most importantly having a lot of fun with the game, ”he added.

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