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Not yet released, EA and Respawn are partnering on Esports for Apex Legends Mobile

GAMEFINITY.ID, Purworejo – Announcing the presence of Apex Legends Mobile which then became good news for mobile gamers. The reason for this is that their long wait has finally paid off with the presence of Apex Legends on the mobile platform.

At the moment, however, Apex Legends Mobile is currently in a closed beta phase and there is no final release date yet. Even so, EA and Respawn have now started working together to build the esports scene for Apex Legends Mobile.

This was confirmed by Todd Sitrin as EA’s SVP and General Manager of Competitive Gaming a few days ago in an interview with The Esports Observer.

Apex Legends Mobile

According to him, EA really believes in the mobile game Esports which is experiencing very rapid growth. Especially in the Asian market, where the market for mobile games is very high. This makes EA interested in expanding its market in Asia. And now EA has proven that the closed beta of this game has started in India and the Philippines.

For this reason, EA makes Mobile Games one of the important focal points in EA’s portfolio. And in Apex Legends Mobile, EA has a tightly-knit respawn to find out.

Apex Legends itself has a very large global player base. In April 2021, it reached 100 million players. In addition, the esports sector is also growing rapidly.

With the current huge player base, not to mention whether Apex Legends Mobile will be released later, it’s no wonder EA and Respawn are keen to build the esports scene for the mobile version later.

What about you, you’ve got to be impatient with Apex Legends Mobile, right?

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