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Noob needs to know this is the meaning of mechanics in Mobile Legends

OKEGUYS – Do you often hear the term mechanic in Mobile Legends? However, you don’t know what that means? This is the explanation of the importance of Mobile Legends mechanics!

The term often heard by the player There are three Mobile Legends, Mechanical, Macro and Micro.

These terms are heard by professional gamers or YouTubers of the Mobile Legends class. Hearing the term must be pretty confusing, right?

However, you have to know that the terms Mechanics, Micro and Macro have actually been around for a long time. Namely in Games MOBAs like Dota, LOL, AOV to MLBB. The question is what does that mean? here is the full explanation.

Three terms Mobile Legends Mechanical, Micro and Macro, that’s what they mean!

There are three terms in MOBA games like Mobile Legends, namely Mechanical, Micro and Macro and their explanations.

What is Mobile Legends Mechanic?

Micro Mobile Legends

The meaning of mechanics is a term related to the micro-skills of guys, maybe mechanics can be said to be a hero’s mastery.

Mechanics are how heroes and players work. There are heroes who require high and low level mechanics. This term is also often used for players who have mastered the mechanics, namely player mechanics.

Mechanics is also related to the speed of hand-held play, fingers with the ability to put the hero in the right position.

Where did you get this mechanic from? You need to practice more and more the longer you play, then your hands can be trained and used to it.

What is Micro Mobile Legends?


As you know, in the world of Mobile Legends, micro is a minor aspect, or one that can have an impact Games. It’s as simple as Skills Players in using each different hero.

Skills What do you mean? Skills consists of finger speed, understanding of everyone Skills Heroes, and also the use of combos. This mic can tell how good you are at playing heroes.

There are plenty of heroes in Mobile Legends that need Skills High and low micro.

Meaning of macro in Mobile Legends


In contrast to the micro, when the macro is a big aspect of the MOBA game, it’s like being careful with foresight Folder, Using time, setting strategies, and so on.

While paying attention Folder, you can also read the opponent’s movements while, to use the time, you can take steps not to lose to the enemy, e.g. Agriculture, and rise.

If this strategy gets you thinking and making decisions Games, also depending on the situation.

Well, this way, players with micro skills may not be able to easily win the game if they don’t master macros.

Well, that’s some understanding of what the mechanics of Mobile Legends mean, so you get it, right? So no more noob when playing.

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