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Next project, new hope in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

GAMEFINITY.ID, Jakarta – It’s been four years since Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) revitalized the esports scene in Indonesia.

As a pioneer of mobile MOBA games, we of course often release updates so that MLBB connoisseurs can better deal with heroes and advanced features in the game.

The good news is that we’re also going to update a number of features this year, including reworking some classic heroes to show off their unique traits, which are grouped together in Project NEXT.

In the NEXT logo, gold is a symbol of victory, justice and passion. While the blue color (gem) is inspired by the tower in the game, which not only represents hope, but also acts as a beacon that leads forward.

The “V” shape below, more of a mirror image of the mountain peaks, symbolizes past achievements and new adventures that lie ahead, as does the name NEXT.

MLBB is determined to achieve two goals, namely better quality and better gaming experience. For this reason, the exclusive logo was specially designed for Project NEXT.

“Project NEXT is expected to be a long-term project that aims to bring a new gaming experience through hero customizations, appearances, and music and visual updates,” said Aswin Atonie, Brand Director of Moonton Indonesia.

Classic Hero Review, Miya and Alucard

Miya, is the first in the list of updates and the first hero of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, who is an iconic hero in this game. In Project NEXT, Miya gets a new adventure.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang changed Miya significantly, from weapons to costumes, making Miya softer but also bolder.

In order for Miya to play an active role in the game, the skills have also been gradually adapted.

Enhanced Passive and Skill 2 offer higher damage output, greater controllability, and more flexible placement.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang also announced another hero that is being updated, someone with a deep bond with Miya that players have been waiting for, Alucard.

There are many improvements to Alucard’s capabilities, but the look won’t change much. After a lot of player research and suggestions, MLBB found that most of the players were satisfied with Alucard’s ability in one-on-one duels, which led to the decision to maximize his ability to damage the opponent’s target.

Specifically, the development team adjusted Passive, removing the extra damage caused when the skill hit two targets.

The new passive now allows Alucard to inflict massive damage on individual targets.

In addition, the additional Lifesteal effect in Ultimate Skills has been removed and replaced with the additional ability to destroy the target.

Damaging skills can trigger passive effects and amplify destructive abilities even more. It is important to remember that the stories between the heroes have been adjusted to varying degrees as they overhauled and changed skills.

As the most popular game for years, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang strives to always be on top, optimize, innovate and listen to player feedback.

Previously, it was updated in 2021 via Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 2.0. The wait for Project NEXT was worth it.

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