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New Passive Mobile Legends Blade Armor Items!

New Passive Mobile Legends Blade Armor Items!

One of the items that is currently not selling well for META is Blade Armor, this item loses prestige to Immortality, Athena’s Shield, Oracle, Bruteforce Breastplate, and others.

This item is less effective in fact as it only adds armor and has a passive effect by reversing damage based on the enemy’s physical attack.

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But in the latest update on the expanded server, this Blade Armor item gets a new passive.

New passive blade armor

Mobile Legends blade armor

As you can see above, Blade Armor is currently only offering 25% of the opponent’s physical attackFor now, Blade Armor will be available 25% of the damage done to the enemy before the defense is withdrawn.

This means that the amount of damage the opponent has caused before we reduce the defense (or enemy damage without reduction) will be refunded 25% by the effect of this item, the damage caused by this item will certainly be even higher later.

However, it should be emphasized that only basic attacks will be returned, not skills, but of course it is possible to fight badly damaged snipers. This also makes Magic heroes wary of this item.

There are also new effect This is Enemies attacking with normal attacks receive a 25% movement speed reduction for 0.5 seconds. And there is no cooldown for this new passive ability, so those who attack continuously will be affected by the effect of continuously reducing movement speed.

However, since it is new on the expanded server, it is not certain when it will be published on the original server and if there will be any changes before it is published on the original server.

But with the new passive, this Mobile Legends Blade Armor item will definitely be very powerful later on.

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