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New magician Lunox in Mobile Legends

The newest Lunox hero mage has appeared in Mobile Legends and is ready to change the meta when it appears on the official server later. He has a total of 4 abilities that have different effects. He also has 2 modes that can make him a tough mage hero or high damage. Although the cooldown cannot be repeated, the skill has a short cooldown to begin with, so it can easily spam skills. The area it has is quite large, so it is very useful when paired with the initiator hero.

This time we will see the story of Lunox, a mysterious girl who is fated to balance two mysterious energies so that she has to sleep long enough. How about the story right? Let’s take a look at Lore Lunox this time.

Lore Lunox

Lore Lunox Mobile Legends, mysterious girl who holds fate to balance the world!

As the final battle began, the Twilight Orb swallowed the magician’s energy and opened the door to mysterious energy. From there came a woman surrounded by the power of chaos and order. His eyes looked so deep and dark.

The resulting mysterious atmosphere turns all heroes into a dream world. The forces of chaos and order have always fought each other, and the fight has left the world in despair. Lunox, a mysterious girl who survived despair, has a unique talent. He can project his dreams into reality and change them.

One day a voice whispered to him and told him that he had to balance both powers with his abilities. But the sacrifice is greater. For the sake of the world he loves, Lunox accepts his fate, channels the energies of both powers into the dream world and becomes one with the Twilight Orb, which makes him necessary for eternal sleep. But the voice also whispered to Lunox that one day he would wake up to continue his fate and find another orb of twilight that history had forgotten.

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