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New logo, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is entering a new era of gaming

GAMEFINITY.ID, Jakarta – Still in the Project NEXT series, there are many interesting announcements that Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will reveal in this release. First, the announcement of the new Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) logo, which uses the classic MOBA card as a basic element and intuitively depicts the nature of the game, emphasizing the competition, collaboration and the main spirit of MOBA.

“Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is well known and has a very large and loyal player base. This new logo is a sign for MLBB to move into a new era with greater ambition to provide its players with a better gaming experience, “said Aswin Atonie, Brand Director of Moonton Indonesia.

The core of the logo is based on the letter “M”. In combination with the flow on the map, the letter represents the symbol of the beating heart, which means strength and passion. The letters are designed in sans-serif fonts with some right-angled serif decorations. In the middle of the letter “O” there is a tower-shaped crystal as a symbol of glory, which stands for light, hope, shine and a multicultural background. As for the texture itself, the new logo takes on a metallic gold color as it exudes a passion for progress and fame.

Next up, still in the Project NEXT series, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang released the latest video, Beyond Legends, today. As an important component in this Project NEXT, MLBB is consistent in the re-release of their classic Hero. These classic heroes who have become legends in MLBB games will have new skills, new stories and a new look. In this video, Eudora, Zilong and Miya all forge their own way and get better than before, which is a key point in Project NEXT – Beyond Legends.

The theme song of this video also describes the concept of “Beyond Legends”. Just like the content of the trailer, the lyrics start a little low and will gradually increase, where in the end the legends are forged anew. Overall, from perspectives like video quality, music quality, and story, we can say that this video quality is the best that Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has produced. This video really illustrates Moonton’s commitment to delivering the best gaming experience both in and out of the game.

As a game that has been popular with a wide player base for many years, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has always been at the forefront of innovation and customization to bring players a better and richer gaming experience. The success of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 2.0 in 2021 proved that game quality is everything. Nevertheless, we can assume with good reason that the upcoming launch of Project NEXT on September 22, 2021 will also be a success. We look forward to a new experience playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang like all of you.

In this NEXT project we also present a number of activities for MLBB players in collaboration with many partners who have always supported us in providing the best experience while playing MLBB games.

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