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New Hero Mobile Legends, Aulus, will be released later this month

OKEGUYS – The new hero in Mobile Legends, Aulus, will be available and playable later this month. New Hero Fighter and Tanker!

Not that long ago, Mobile Legends just released its newest hero named Natan and is one of the heroes currently in the meta of this patch.

There is new news that ML will re-release its newest hero named Aulus later this month.

Wow what will the skills and abilities of Aulus be like? I’m excited, let’s just take a look at the details folks!

Aulus: Warrior of Ferocity, new hero in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends official YouTube channel: Bang Bang just shared an animated video trailer featuring its newest hero, Aulus.

Aulus by his nickname Warrior of ferocity This is a fighter-type hero with a skill area that deals great damage.

This newest hero will have too magic as well as Physical defense high, makes it difficult to catch both aulus and a tanker kill.

When you see the look of Aulus in the trailer, he has a small but sturdy body like one dwarf. But Aulus was armed with a large ax that smoldered as if it had just been forged.

Aulus New Hero Mobile Legends
Photo: Mobile Legends

In addition, he is also shown fighting a demon monster and killing it without being noticed by the people around him.

With his skill, Aulus finally decided to join the fight in the Land of Dawn with other heroes.

For those of you who can’t wait to try out Aulus on Mobile Legends, please be patient as it won’t be released on MLBB until August 31, 2021.

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Well, that’s the info about the hero Aulus who will be present at MLBB later this month. You should prepare Battle Points or Diamonds so that you can buy them after they’re released, folks!

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