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More Exciting Mobile Legends All Star Match Team Announced

GAMEFINITY.ID, Jakarta – In its previous release, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) announced the return of the 515 eParty event, MLBB’s largest annual event that always has surprises and excitement for all users. As in previous years, one of the 515 eParty events that loyal MLBB fans have always been waiting for is the All Star Tournament, where they can experience the excitement of all MLBB stars, starting with pro-players, influencers and also their favorite Cosplayers taking part in the competitions A game.

The vote to determine their respective team captains also began on April 12, 2021 and ended on April 25, 2021, where the final results of the vote determined that RRQ Lemon and Emperor would later be team captains in the All Star with 8,106,580 each. Match were chosen. Votes and 5,044,587 votes.

A total of 12 players from pro players and influencers were selected. At the Captain Draft Pick on May 3, the two captains chose who would join their respective teams, namely Team LEMON consisting of EVOS REKT, ONIC SANZ, GEEK FRZZ, DWIWOII and BKENT and Team EMPEROR consisting of OURA, AE UDIL, BTR BRANZ , AURA GOD1VA and GFLX BRAVO

“The excitement to take part in this year’s vote is extraordinary. More than 37 million loyal MLBB fans have voted to choose this year’s Team Captain and this is proof that the All Star Tournament is still a popular event and all MLBB users have been waiting, “said Aswin Atonie, Brand Director – Moonton Indonesia.

This year the All Star Tournament Event is sponsored by Infinix. Infinix will be releasing the Infinix HOT 10S smartphone this year, where the smartphone will have a special design with an MLBB theme, as well as specifications that are expected to be an option for gamers to play MLBB, namely graphics enhancement and dar link optimization .

In addition, Fruit Tea Sosro also took part in this year’s All Star tournament. In line with the “Ngeblend Sensation” slogan, Fruit Tea Sosro has partnered with MLBB through products with flavors X-Treme, Guava and Strawberry that are specifically on the theme of 6 MLBB hero characters namely Gusion, Harith, Guinevere, Lesley, Miya and Claude . This collaboration product between Fruit Tea Sosro and MLBB can be found in retail stores, mini markets, supermarkets and in e-commerce.

The series of All Star Tournament events is still running and later the two teams will compete against each other on May 22nd at 12.30 pm WIB in the All Star Fun Match, which is available on MLBB YouTube accounts, MLBB Facebook, Nimo TV and TikTok. you can see

Members of the STUN group announced

Previously it was announced that MLBB had founded a virtual music group in the Land of Dawn for the first time at this year’s 515 eParty called STUN, which consists of 3 MLBB Iconic Heroes. Chou is the first hero to become a member of STUN. is presented

In this release, the other two STUN members were finally revealed. Namely Selena and Brody who will join Chou and who will play three major roles at this year’s 515 eParty.

Selena, the main singer of the group STUN, has a beautiful voice. His friendly manner is an encouragement among his friends.

Chou, Rapper and Dancer are the skater guys in this group. He has an enthusiastic personality and is happy to help his friends when they have problems.

Brody, DJ and rapper, is a person who looks calm, but when he sits behind the DJ table he becomes a different person.

STUN itself has the meaning of strength (strength), tactics (tactics), unity (unity) and novel (novel). The combination of these meanings also has the same meaning as the 515 year theme, namely “Together we can achieve more” or “Together we can achieve more”.

The excitement of the 515 eParty event doesn’t stop there. There are still many surprises and series of events that MLBB will present for all of its loyal fans.

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