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Mobile Legends Zodiac Skin Order

There is no doubt that the current Mobile Legends game has featured a lot of hero skins that are pretty cool and innovative. Each Hero Mobile Legends skin can be obtained in a number of different ways, either through purchase or through events or other things.

Mobile Legends is currently planning to showcase a Zodiac skin, with a total of 12 Zodiac skins showcasing in the game. What is going to be published? We will go through this article explaining the order, release date, price, and how to get it.

Mobile Legends Zodiac Skin release order and date

Zodiac Skin Mobile Legends

There are 12 Mobile Legends Zodiac skins presented by Mobile Legends in the game. Who are the heroes who will receive the Mobile Legends Zodiac skin? And when is the release date that the skin will bring? Here is the explanation:

  1. Skin zodiac sign Capricorn – Martis – December 23rd
  2. Skin zodiac sign Aquarius – Aurora – January 20th
  3. Pisces Zodiac Skin – Lancelot – February 19th
  4. Skin zodiac sign Aries – Hilda – March 21st
  5. Skin zodiac sign Taurus – Minotaur – April 20th
  6. Gemini Zodiac Skin – Selena – May 21st
  7. Skin Cancer Zodiac Sign – Zhask – June 21st
  8. Skin zodiac sign Leo – Badang – July 23
  9. Skin zodiac sign Virgo – Odette – August 23rd
  10. Libra Zodiac Skin – Lunox – September 23
  11. Scorpio Zodiac Skin – Helcurt – October 23rd
  12. Skin zodiac sign Sagittarius – Irithel – November 22nd

These are the 12 dates for the Mobile Legends Zodiac Skin order from Gamefinity. In the next phase we will explain the price of the Mobile Legends Zodiac skin.

Mobile Legends Zodiac Skin Price

Mobile Legends Zodiac Skin Price has several types for you to see and learn. First, you can purchase the Mobile Legends Zodiac skin by drawing in the Zodiac events section in the Mobile Legends game store. For the Zodiac Mobile Legends Draw Event, you must 1,200 to 2,000 Aurora Crystals (COA)

To get the Aurora Crystal, you can buy it directly from the diamonds you have, converting the diamonds you have into COA. Additional information, every time there is a new Zodiac skin, there is also a 30% discount promo for the presented Zodiac skin with a period of 1 week.

How to Get Mobile Legends Zodiac Skin

There are several ways to get the Mobile Legends Zodiac skin in the Mobile Legends game. The methods are:

  • You need to pay attention to the period of the specified Zodiac skin, if the skin you want is not yet timed, you will have to wait.
  • Make sure the COA you have is suitable for the Zodiac skin you want. If not, you can do a Diamond Top Up.
  • Now that you are sure of your decision, the next step is to go to the shop in Mobile Legends.
  • Select the draw option in the Mobile Legends Shop.
  • Select Summon until you get the zodiac skin you want.
  • The process is declared successful if you manage to get the Zodiac skin you drawn.

This is our explanation of Zodiac Skins in Mobile Legends, detailing the order of the release dates, prices, and how to get them. We have finished the article titled “Listen to the Zodiac Skin Mobile Legends Order, Release Date, Price, and How to Get It” from the Gamefinity team. Share us and continue to visit us at not to miss any more news from us.

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