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Mobile Legends Zilong, strengths and weaknesses

As you already know, since the Mobile Legends game first appeared in Mobile, there has been a hero named Zilong, and Zilong is one of the ancient heroes who was well recognized by many players at the time, and Zilong was one of the favorite heroes too at this time.

Any skill that Zilong has is considered capable of eliminating the enemy in a matter of seconds, but where there is an advantage there will also be a lack. On this occasion, we will explain the origin of Zilong, not forgetting complete information about the advantages and disadvantages of Zilong.

The origin of Zilong Hero

Mobile Legends Zilong

The story goes that Mobile Legends Zilong was born in an area called Cadia Riverland, where he lived with his parents. Zilong’s father was a craftsman who crossed his country daily from north to south. Zilong’s mother is now a housewife who always looks after and carries her child while she waits for her father to come home.

From time to time there was a sad disaster for Zilong in which his mother, father and Zilong were hit by a strong wind that made their horse-drawn carriage fall. As a result, Zilong’s father and mother could not be found, and young Zilong had to fend for himself to survive without his parents.

Since Zilong is a child who never gives up, someone named The Great Dragon eventually invites him to his temple. Zilong grew up there and studied The Great Dragon for 7 years. When the Great Dragon realized Zilong’s potential, he eventually inherited his skills and responsibilities to Zilong, so Zilong is now one of the heroes who must keep peace with his skills.

Advantages and disadvantages of Zilong

Now that you know the origin of Hero Mobile Legends Zilong, the next thing you need to know about the pros and cons of Hero Mobile Legends Zilong in Mobile Legends game.

The advantages of Zilong are:

  • Has the ability to take down enemy heroes very quickly as Zilong has quite a high attack speed in its class.
  • The cooldown of Zilong’s abilities is quite short, although Zilong’s ability delay can affect his ability to deal damage with his abilities quickly and without a long delay.
  • With high mobility, Zilong Hero can gank very quickly in their respective lanes, both the upper, middle and lower lanes.
  • Another advantage of Zilong is that it is a hero that is easy to master even for new players.

The disadvantages of Zilong are:

  • Zilong is low on HP, he can kill the opponent quickly, but Zilong can also kill the opponent’s hero quickly.
  • Zilong is not a good design for fighting 5v5 because Zilong is supposed to be good for fighting 1v1.
  • Zilong’s crowd control is very weak and fighting multiple heroes at the same time is not recommended.

By looking at the above things, players can already know the pros and cons of Zilong. Our conclusion, Hero Zilong is indeed a hero who relies on his burst damage, where Zilong must be able to abduct the opponent’s hero one at a time (Assassin style of play).

Hence this article about Zilong that we conveyed to you, especially fans of the Mobile Legends game. Hopefully it will help you understand Hero Zilong in Mobile Legends. That is the Gamefinity article, titled “Complete Information on the Zilong Mobile Legends Hero, Origins, and Strengths and Weaknesses”.

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