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Mobile Legends Zhask, strengths and weaknesses

Did you know that the heroes in Mobile Legends game have very interesting stories? Before the heroes became ML heroes, they had a story behind it all, like their life stories about the tasks they wanted to take on. Of course, the story of any Hero Mobile Legends is no less interesting than the game.

Curious about the story of Hero in ML? On this occasion we would like to share a story from one of the Hero Mobile Legends, who is he? He is a hero named Zhask. We tell you about the origin and don’t forget to explain the advantages and disadvantages of Mobile Legends.

The origin of Hero Zhask

Mobile legends Zhask

It is said that the character or Hero Mobile Legends Zhask is one of the creatures from the Katiyan nation. It should be noted that the Katiyan people are a nation greatly feared for their sadism, where any area they inhabit will definitely be wiped out without residue, with the main reason being to take away the resources they have.

Zhask is said to have psionic skills and time-space warping skills to deceive his enemies. Zhask’s skills not only stop there, Zhask has also managed to evolve. Of course, Zhask also gets an additional ability, namely Zhask is now able to manipulate the souls of Domorey insects.

Upon hearing the news that the Land of Dawn had enough resources, Mobile Legend Hero Zhask finally decided to leave with the intent of stealing those resources.

Know that the story of Hero Mobile Legends Zhask is one of the sadistic stories among other Mobile Legends Heroes. Zhask is a hero who really likes total or total slaughter, he also intends to burn everything down. All of this was done by Zhask in order that the main objective of rule in the Land of Dawn could be achieved.

Advantages and disadvantages of Zhask

It is certainly not enough to review Zhask’s synopsis yourself to complete information about him. Therefore, we are going to tell you about the pros and cons of the Mobile Legends game. Here are the pros and cons of the Hero Mobile Legends called Zhask.

The advantages of Mobile Legends Zhask: Is one of the hero mages who can push towers very quickly. Have 2 types of HP at the same time. The damage done by Zhask is quite great. Zhask is hard to kill, especially one-on-one. Has a pretty fast attack speed.

Disadvantages of Mobile Legends Zhask: One of the heroes difficult to master. Less superior at the beginning of the game. Zhask uses his skills lavishly, despite being a hero who relies heavily on his skills. Zhask can only focus on 1 hero. Zhask’s mobility is quite low. Does not have the Blink skill.

Those are the pros and cons of Zhask Mobile Legends. After understanding and understanding the pros and cons of Zhask in Mobile Legends, the next step is to keep practicing and developing your skills using Hero Zhask as well and intelligently as you.

A few articles on the topic of Zhask Mobile Legends can be particularly useful for Mobile Legends players who want to learn more about the hero. The Gamefinity article entitled “Let’s Review the Hero Mobile Legends Zhask, Their Origin, and Their Strengths and Weaknesses” is ready to receive news articles from our other information.

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