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Mobile Legends Yu Zhong, strengths and weaknesses

The story or background of a hero in a game called Mobile Legends needs to be understood by every Mobile Legends player. Because every story of every hero offers a clear summary of the traits and traits they have in the game.

On this occasion we would like to inform you about the origin of the Hero Mobile Legends called Yu Zhong. We will also discuss the pros and cons of Hero Mobile Legends Yu Zhong. We invite all of you to listen to this article until the end so that you will understand and understand Yu Zhong later in Mobile Legends.

The origin of the hero Yu Zhong

Mobile Legends Yu Zhong

Please note that in the past, Mobile Legends Yu Zhong was a black dragon who always wreak havoc in the city it passes through. This black dragon was born in Cadia Riverland to wipe out all humans in the land of the dawn. But because Yu Zhong’s nature was so evil, eventually someone named Great Dragon locked his skills in his temple, eventually Yu Zhong fell and lost almost all of his strength.

Unexpectedly, it turned out that Yu Zhong was a child who had lost his memory. After losing his memory of the Black Dragon, he turned into a shy child. As time went on, Yu Zhong began to remember his true self more and more. After remembering himself, Yu Zhong now wanted to regain power.

Yu Zhong managed to gather his skills along with his new skills. The main goal of Mobile Legends Yu Zhong is to return to destroy the Land of Dawn. When Wanwan, who had helped him, saw this, he finally regretted his actions. In the end, Wanwan, who was helped by her friend, tried to stop Yu Zhong’s actions.

Yu Zhong’s strengths and weaknesses

Judging from the summary of the Hero Mobile Legends story Yu Zhong, he has a rather dangerous character in whom Yu Zhong tricked his own friends into getting more power. As in the story above, Yu Zhong is indeed one of the Hero Mobile Legends who is very power hungry to destroy the Land of Dawn.

The advantages of Mobile Legends Yu Zhong are: Yu Zhong does not use mana to spawn every ability. Yu Zhong’s initial damage is quite fatal. Hero who can be used as a hard carry in his team. Yu Zhong was able to make up for the early to late game.

The disadvantages of Mobile Legends Yu Zhong are: It has a long cooldown. Yu Zhong is easy to counter or read his movements. Relying too much on Spell Vamp to survive. Yu Zhong is one of the Hero Mobile Legends that is quite difficult to master.

And these are some explanations of the advantages and disadvantages of Mobile Legends Yu Zhong. With the frequent practice of Yu Zhong and continue to learn from professional players, about building objects, tips and tricks. So don’t be surprised if one day you become reliable and proficient with Hero Yu Zhong in Mobile Legends.

This is our article titled “This is the Hero Mobile Legend Yu Zhong Character, Its Origins and Pros and Cons” by the Gamefinity team. Hopefully it will be especially useful for those of you who want to understand Yu Zhong Mobile Legends. Don’t forget to keep sharing across all media so that this benefit can be enjoyed by many people. We invite you to continue to see us at so that you can receive our other informative news articles.

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