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Mobile Legends Update Patch Note 1.4.86, Held in Buff and Nerf

Mobile Legends Update Patch Note 1.4.86, Held in Buff and Nerf
Mobile Legends Update Patch Note 1.4.86, Held in Buff and Nerf

ViralOkay – Info Mobile Legends Update Patch Note 1.4.86 The latest version just released by Moontoon Mobile Legends.

This month’s update has information on which heroes will be buffed and also nerfed in this update.

It looks like Moontoon will change the role of the tank in the Mobile Legends game as the tank hero is an important element in the game.

This patch update provides buffs for multiple tank heroes and also changes the talents or abilities of tank emblems.

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This change will allow tanks to farm faster and play a more prominent role on the battlefield, besides taking damage and causing crowd control effects and providing a better experience when deploying tanks in the new season.

It seems that the upcoming Season 20, starting June 20, 2021, will be a moment for mobile legend players who are tank users.

This patch update coincides with the release of a new mobile legend hero named Yu Zhong, which will be released on June 19, 2021.

This new hero is a powerful fighter who can transform into a black dragon and fly across the battlefield.

Mobile Legends Update Patchnote 1.4.86

Mobile Legends Update Patchnote 1.4.86
Mobile Legends Update Patchnote 1.4.86

This time around, there are a lot of changes in Mobile Legends Update Patch Note 1.4.86, starting with some heroes who are buffed and also nerfed, and some other tweaks to make the game more balanced and competitive.

Right now, let’s take a look at which heroes are experiencing buffs in the latest Mobile Legends Update Patch Note 1.4.86.

Hero who gets Mobile Legends Buff

The following heroes have significant improvements in this update, namely Gatot Kaca, Balmond, Hilda, Jhonson, Ruby, Masha, Grock, Ling, Luo Yi on Mobile Legends Update Patch Note 1.4.86.

1. Gatot Kaca

Adjusting the hero role to tank / fighter, changing skills of passive gato, which has a new effect every time you take damage, you will get rage, when the rage is completely collected, it will increase the next base attack.

The first skill has also been changed and has a wider range of skills to hit the enemy.

The ultimate skill change is that it doesn’t need to be charged for a longer mocking effect.

2. Balmond

This update makes Balmond stronger and increases his passive BloodDurst to be higher when eliminating enemies.

Balmond’s second skill increases damage when continuously hit by enemies, increasing from 25% to 100% of base damage from 300 to 500.

3. Hilda

Improved continuation of Hilda in Laning which can deal higher damage in the middle of the game until the end of the game.

Passive changes when entering the bush or grass provide more absorption and eliminate the regeneration effect at low HP.

The second skill, Hunting, deals more damage and a larger area in the second and third combo.

Then drastically increase Hilda’s Ultimate Skill Damage when that skill reaches the max level.

4. Johnson

The update for Johnson offers a very big improvement in our opinion, as the damage to all Johnson skills is increased so that it does more damage on the battlefield.

In addition, the time it takes to transform the ultimate skill Quick Landing and dealing more damage has been reduced.

5. Ruby

Experience an increase in basic physical attack damage as well as some skills, and also adds a life-grabbing effect when Ruby skills are spent.

Lets Dance increases the additional physical defense to 23-40 and physical lifesteal from 5% to 10%.

6. Marsha

Increases the energy regeneration effect from 3 to 4 every second and also increases life recovery, which previously took 5 seconds to 3 seconds after leaving combat.

7. Grock

Increasing the other skill, Nature’s Power, reduces mana consumption and does additional additional damage.

8. Ling

Increase the Deviant Sword skill, the damage increases to 190-265, and the Tempest of Blades skill also reduces the cooldown to 42-36 seconds.

9. Luo Yi

Increases the base damage of duality skills to 450 and increases the magic bonus attack to 150%.

Scatter skill increased by 20 and skill range increased by 20% at all levels.

10. Bavaria

In the Shield Unity skill, increasing the base damage to 300-400 increases the magical power by 60% and also extends the duration of the stun effect.

The hero who gets Nerf Mobile Legends

These heroes have been adjusted so that they will experience an in-game reduction in Mobile Legends Update Patch Note 1.4.86.

1. Kimmy

The distance of the first energy transformation skill has been reduced by 10%.

2. Hanzo

Demon Thorn physical attack bonus has been adjusted from 100% to 60%.

Reduces the movement speed of Pinnacle Ninja to 35%.

3. Claude

The passive demon hunter’s effect given to Dexterity has been reduced from 50% to 35%.

4. Granger

Sonata of Death reduces the duration of the slow effect from 0.5 to 0.2 seconds.

5. Career

The base attack growth has been adjusted from 14 to 12.5 for all levels.

6. Bruno

Mecha legs reduce the additional attack speed ratio from 80% to 50%.

7. Thamuz

The initial physical defense has been adjusted from 22 to 17 and the ultimate HP recovery has been adjusted from 3% to 2-3%.

Battlefield Mobile Legends Update Patch Note 1.4.86

Battlefield Mobile Legends Update Patch Note 1.4.86
Battlefield Mobile Legends Update Patch Note 1.4.86

There is a battlefield adjustment in Mobile Legends Update Patch Note 1.4.86 for Season 20.

1. Combat spells revenge

Changes to spellvegeance. Damage taken is reduced by 35% within 3 seconds of activating the skill.

When you take damage from an enemy unit, the attacking unit is dealt 50 + 25% damage as magic damage.

2. Vibration explosion talent emblem

Changes to the talent of the tank emblem, namely Concussive Strike, which occurs 1 second after the next normal attack, will deal 125 (+ 7% total HP) magic damage to nearby units with a cooldown of 15 seconds.

This tank’s emblematic talent can help roller armor clear wave servants faster.

3. Adjustments to Wave Minions and Jungle Creep

In Mobile Legends Update Patch Note 1.4.86, you will get a higher amount of gold for eliminating minions than jungle monsters.

So it’s better to focus on cleaning wave minions if you want to get more gold for the new season.

4. Cheaper prices for equipment tanks

The following items have been reduced in price, namely: Molten Essence, Oracle, Brute Force Breastplate, Twilight Armor, Guardian Helmet and Fur Hammer.

As the price of the item goes down, the tank can make the item faster.

The last word

Hence, our discussion in this article about Mobile Legends Update Patch Note 1.4.86 may be useful for ML enthusiasts.