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Mobile Legends Natalia, strengths and weaknesses

There are a lot of Hero Assassins in Mobile Legends now and quite impressive in terms of their skills and other things. Assassins in Mobile Legends matches are really needed. Quite a few from each team who have chosen Hero Assassin for their team, either as a carry or as a damage dealer.

In accordance with the title we have assigned, we will then introduce you to the origin of the Hero Mobile Legends called Natalia and also present you with information about Natalia’s strengths and weaknesses in Mobile Legends.

The origin of the heroine Natalia

Mobile Legends Natalia

Mobile Legends Natalia has a story where in the past she was a girl who was cared for and cared for by the Church of Light. In addition to being cared for by the church, Natalia was trained as an assassin to make Natalia the best assassin with a good cause for the church she lived in. Long story short, Natalia managed to become the greatest assassin in her class with the most expensive killing fee of the others.

Natalia, who managed to become the greatest assassin, had to get a mission that was quite difficult for her, but unfortunately the given mission from Tigreal had to fail. The mission thwarted by Tigreal had cost his partner Natalia the life, so these things had diminished Natalia’s popularity as an assassin. To escape Tigreal’s ambush, Natalia can disappear so she can escape Tigreal’s surveillance.

With the incident that happened to Natalia, Natalia was devastated not only her self-esteem as an assassin, but also mentally and emotionally very devastated. Natalia, disappointed in herself, decided not to give up so quickly. With his painful experiences, he is constantly evolving by constantly practicing so that later events that do not recur before are not repeated. Natalia decided to become the strongest and most invincible assassin, even more so in the Land of Dawn area.

Natalia’s strengths and weaknesses

The advantages of Mobile Legends Natalia:

  • Hero Natalia’s strong point is definitely her stealth ability. Natalia’s stealth ability is perfect for ambushing enemies, running away from enemies, or doing any other thing useful in her team’s victory.
  • Natalia is a hero assassin, so don’t be surprised if she has high movement speed and is useful for finding her prey. Natalia’s high movement speed is also offset by the high burst damage she has.
  • The final perk, which we consider to be the perk, is that Natalia Hero is endowed with useful silence and immune skills. Natalia’s silence and immune skills will match her character as an assassin in Mobile Legends.

Cons of Mobile Legends Natalia:

  • Natalia is considered an incompetent assassin when in an enemy corridor as Natalia is only suitable as a heroine who relies heavily on the enemy’s ambush, also known as 1 on 1.
  • Heroine Natalia is a heroine with limited crowd control. Natalia only has very limited crowd control skills, she only has crowd control in the form of slow and silence, so that her opponent can counter easily later.
  • Natalia’s final weakness from our inference is that she is a heroine who is quite difficult to master. The difficulty in using Natalia also comes with the build item, because Natalia is a hero assassin who has to rely on her build items.

We hope you understand the hero named Natalia in Mobile Legends, both from his origins and his advantages and disadvantages in Mobile Legends. That is the article titled “This is the Hero Mobile Legends Natalia Character, Her Origins, and Its Pros and Cons” by the Gamefinity team. Don’t forget to share and keep watching us so that you can receive information about news articles from us.

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