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Mobile Legends Nana, strengths and weaknesses

Heroes in the Mobile Legends game are very diverse and have their respective roles, both as Hero Tank, Fighter, Assassin, Mage to Hero, who is used as support. Hero support in Mobile Legends is very influential in achieving victory in their respective teams. With this understanding, quite a few ML players currently want hero support on their team when a game takes place.

On this occasion we will be discussing Hero Mobile Legends, which is usually used as hero support that needs to be there to help his team. Nana is the hero that we are going to discuss in this article where we talk about his origins and advantages and disadvantages in Mobile Legends.

The origin of the heroine Nana

Mobile Legends Nana

Mobile Legends Nana is a cute little fairy girl, she lives and grows in a forest with large and dense trees, the forest is called the magic forest. Despite being a fairy with her cute looks, Nana is known for having pretty powerful magical powers, especially when in an uncontrollable mode. When Nana loses control of the incident, Nana accidentally casts a powerful magic that injures everyone nearby.

Nana, feeling guilty and terrifying the residents, decides to walk away from everyone. Miya is a heroine in Mobile Legends who helps Nana because of the incident that happened to her. Long story short, Miya met Nana, then Miya decided to teach Nana how to master her magic technique.

Nana, who has managed to control her abilities, decides to join Miya in search of the true peace figure. Nana continues to accompany Miya wherever she goes, and now Nana and Miya are a team that continues to help each other achieve their goal of finding the King of Peace in the Land of Dawn.

Nana’s strengths and weaknesses

The advantage of Mobile Legends Nana lies in her useful skills for helping friends win, such as: . Another thing that makes Nana an advantage is that she is easy to master, very strong in the early game to having good control over the audience.

The downside of Mobile Legends Nana is the lack of defense, Nana is a hero mage and support, so it is certain that her HP and Def are also very thin and soft. Although she has decent magical damage, Nana doesn’t have good physical damage, so Nana will be useless if she doesn’t have the skills. Although easy to master, Nana finds himself in a line of heroes who find it quite difficult to escape when their situation is in danger or cornered because the hero is not endowed with the ability to escape or effective escape skills is.

We hope that those of you who have read this article can include Nana as one of the hero support options in any Mobile Legends match. Hopefully you may find it useful to share this article across all media. And that’s an article from Gamefinity called “This is Mobile Legends Heroine Nana, Her Origins, and Her Pros and Cons”.

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