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Mobile Legends Miya, strengths and weaknesses

This time we’re going to talk about heroes in Mobile Legends game because talking about heroes in Mobile Legends is something that will never run out as Heroes in Mobile Legends will be developed on both Nerf until a new hero is back in ML. For those of you reading this article, especially those of you looking to get to know and learn about Hero in ML, this article is perfect for you.

Miya is the name of the character in Mobile Legends that we call the subject of this article, so please read carefully until the end of this article, as we will explain the origins as well as the advantages and disadvantages of Hero Miya in Mobile Legends.

The origin of the hero Miya

Mobile Legends Miya

Before going into the strengths and weaknesses of Miya in Mobile Legends game, you should know the origin of the ML hero named Miya.

Mobile Legends Miya is a woman who was born in the Temple of the Moon, Miya is also a descendant of the elves. Miya is a woman who wants to offer herself to the moon god, so she keeps training to be worth offering. At the time of the war, Miya is the leader of the troops whose job it is to defeat so many enemies.

The war that was going on left Miya in a corner, but Miya got help from the moon god. The moon god granted Miya’s request by giving Miya her bow and arrows. The state of war finally changed when Miya managed to repel all of her enemies and also managed to recapture the Temple of the Moon colonized by the enemy. After this incident, Miya is now considered the goddess of the moon, who to this day wants to protect the nation and the elves.

Miya, who was considered the moon goddess, the protector of the elves, did not remain silent after the outbreak of war, she decided to leave because she had been blessed by the moon god. Miya decides to leave believing that if she has not found and maintained true peace, there will still be war.

Miya’s strengths and weaknesses

Having previously understood Miya’s story, the next step is to understand the pros and cons of the Mobile Legends game.

The upside to Mobile Legends Miya is that she has the potential to become a carry on her team. Miya is a Hero Marksman who uses arrows as an attack medium (range). This hero has the potential for rather large and dangerous damage later. Playing Miya in both the early and late games can keep her balance and even turn things around quickly if the way of playing, building, and other things are right. Another perk of Hero Miya is that she enters the Hero Marksman ML class, which is easy to master, both skills and other things related to her.

The weakness of Mobile Legends Miya lies in her durability, which is not good enough and makes her die quickly in war if she is not helped by her friends. Miya is a heroic marksman who always has to play it safe or keep his distance from his enemies, especially dangerous enemies around him. The serious downside is that Miya is not endowed with the ability to flee from enemies who are after her. This is one of the reasons for gamers to always be vigilant and careful when using Hero Miya.

And those are the pros and cons as well as the origin of the Hero Mobile Legends called Miya. Hopefully this article can be one of your means of figuring out the character or figure of a Mobile Legends hero named Miya so that you can understand and understand him later. This is Gamefinity’s article entitled “Miya Knowing the Hero Mobile Legends, Its Origin and Strengths and Weaknesses.” to receive our news and other articles.

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