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Mobile Legends Kadita, strengths and weaknesses

There is currently no doubt that Mobile Legends has featured heroes inspired by iconic ancient stories, including those from Indonesia. Mobile Legends once featured the character of a hero from the legendary history of Indonesia, namely the iron wire bone muscle named Gatotkaca, but it didn’t stop there.

In addition to Gatotkaca, who is from Indonesia, there is another plaque inspired by the legendary story of the myth of the Indonesian state, who is he? She is Kadita, who is said to have been inspired by the story of Nyi Roro Kidul. Would you like to know the history and the pros and cons of Mobile Legends? Let’s see!

The origin of the hero Kadita

Mobile Legends Kadita

It is said that once there was a princess who later received her royal inheritance, where the princess had a very beautiful and adorable appearance. The princess was a princess who came from the land of the Javanese kingdom, where other than the princess Kadita herself was.

As a gorgeous princess who will also receive a royal legacy, it’s no wonder there are people who are jealous and jealous of Kadita. Kadita is a princess who is requested to be provided with magic by her own family so that she cannot become the daughter of the heir to the kingdom. Kadita was eventually poisoned and distracted from her own family in the form of witchcraft.

Kadita, who has become ugly and terrible, cannot be cured by anyone in the area, making Kadita increasingly a woman who is hated and condemned by the people there. The royal party finally decided to expel Kadita from the royal circle so that the kingdom could be free from bad views or bad values ​​of the kingdom.

Kadita was expelled from the kingdom and society because Kadita was considered a disgrace to the kingdom. Kadita, who wants to be evicted, intends to commit suicide by jumping off the ship, after which she sinks deep into the deep seabed.

Kadita didn’t end up dying because she was saved by a sea demon who liked her. The sea demon managed to break his curse, so that he is now healed and beautiful again. Now Kadita is a resident of the sea and at the same time the queen of the South Seas. That is the origin of Hero Mobile Legends Kadita.

Advantages and disadvantages of Kadita

It is incomplete for you if you do not get a knowledge of Kadita’s strengths and Kadita’s weaknesses in the Mobile Legends game. Now that you know the history and origin of Kadita, this stage is the hero’s explanation phase where this is intended so that you know and understand what Kadita’s strengths and weaknesses are.

The advantages of Mobile Legends Kadita: Very good crowd control skills. Skills can be combined well. A Support-Type hero who has blast damage. Kadita has a high mobility. Hero support that has a good initiator. Not too wasteful with MP.

Disadvantages of Mobile Legends Kadita: Has a small and thin HP. His skills and movements are easily guessed by the enemy. Hero who requires timing. Difficult to master and understand, so this hero is not suitable for newbies.

Knowing the pros and cons of Kadita in Mobile Legends is a good step, and also your first step, to be able to better master this hero in the future. Try to learn more and get closer to how to learn from pro gamers and try it right out in the Mobile Legends game.

That’s it for Gamefinity’s article, titled “Let’s look at Kadita’s Mobile Legends Hero, its origins, and its strengths and weaknesses.” We don’t forget to remind you to always see articles about news and information from us below

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