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Mobile Legends Johnson, Strengths and Weaknesses

In our article this time we will discuss the Hero Tank in Mobile Legends called Johnson, yes Johnson the Hero, which is very annoying especially for his enemies because he often breaks the rules. We will make Johnson the core topic of this article, because Johnson, the hit man, is worth discussing.

How can it be a means of transport called a car? Is there a story behind it? Let’s read this article to the end, why can Johnson be a car and what are the pros and cons of playing Mobile Legends game?

The origins of Hero Johnson

Mobile Legends Johnson

Mobile Legends Johnson is known as a man whose dream is to become a famous rugby player. To make his dream come true, he often trains and even often watches rugby games to expand his knowledge. With his struggles, Johnson was eventually able to become a rugby player in his town for successive victories. Not so long ago, Johnson was able to become a rugby international player with many fans.

Johnson’s delight in being a famous rugby player didn’t make him a person who could avoid accidents. Johnson suffers an accident after deciding to avoid a little girl crossing the street. Strange things or impossible events happen after an accident and Johnson’s body melts into his car as a result of the incident. Johnson realized and knew that he could turn into a car as a result of the accident.

Johnson’s demeanor is very grateful for what happened to him, he is grateful that he can still survive even though he has to sit in his car. With the change, Johnson is no longer a professional rugby athlete, Johnson prefers to be a hero protecting his city. With his skills no criminal can escape and stay away from his pursuit, now Johnson is known as a cyborg human who can turn into a car.

Johnson’s strengths and disadvantages

The advantage of Mobile Legends Johnson lies in its ultimate ability, Johnson is a hero tank that can transform into a car in which, when switched to this mode and collided with the enemy, it will experience a long-lasting stun effect. Another advantage of Johnson is that he has pretty strong and thick armor. Johnson can create a shield that doesn’t add much to the damage taken. Another thing that makes it a perk is that it can be used as a good meta-combo with a powerful method of transporting teammates.

The downside to Mobile Legends Johnson is that the cooldown is quite long, you have to have the timing right, and no less important is that it is difficult to master, especially when the mode is a car. If Johnson turns into a car, Johnson’s controls will be different from his normal mode, in car mode Johnson will have difficult movement accuracy, then in car mode you also need to have the right timing so that the moment of the collision is not a mistake. To play Johnson you need to practice your control as much as possible in the ultimate move and understand skills to memorize the position of the enemy hit.

Are you interested in using Johnson in the Mobile Legends game after reading this article? If it’s good, if not, it’s good too, because playing Johnson requires gradual practice as the hero is quite difficult to master. Hopefully it will be useful and can be used to improve your insight into the thinking about Hero ML Johnson. So many Gamefinity articles entitled “Complete Information on Johnson’s Mobile Legends Hero, Origin and Strengths and Weaknesses” please share and visit our other informative news articles below

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