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Mobile Legends Jawhead, strengths and weaknesses

Who of you Mobile Legends players doesn’t know a hero named Jawhead? Of course there is no average, because Hero Jawhead is known to be one of the very strong frontliner hero types and is often used by normal players and professional players.

Hero Mobile Legends Jawhead has a story and its advantages and disadvantages in the game. On this occasion we will tell about the origin of the hero, as well as his various advantages and disadvantages in the Mobile Legends game.

The origin of Hero Jawhead

Mobile Legends Jawhead

Mobile Legends Jawhead tells a story where one day in the Land of Dawn there is a mysterious organization called Clandestine. This organization is a secret organization that nobody knows about the main purpose of the organization. Professor Hendry and his wife are employees of the Dawn Council company and employees of a mysterious organization. Your job is to develop a very powerful advanced technology from the organization.

Step by step, they finally succeeded in developing a robot, and the robot will be called Smart01. This robot called Smart01 is very smart and very strong with AI skills which are also very sophisticated and modern. After seeing Professor Hendry develop, the organization requested data on Smart01 in order to build the robot so that it could be mass-produced.

But the professor disagreed and refused, then ordered his robot to destroy all data on the robot’s data, then finally the robot mysteriously disappeared. Shortly after losing the robot Smart01, the robot finds a little girl named Alice and protects her from attacks by other robots. Alice ends up calling the Smart01 robot Jawhead, and they are on an adventure together to find Alice’s father and mother.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Jawhead

As you already know, Hero Mobile Legends Jawhead is indeed one of the strongest frontline heroes, judging by its ability to take down enemies very quickly, as well as its hero tank capable of withstanding multiple enemy attacks.

In order not to be too confusing, we’re going to discuss some of the pros and cons of Hero Mobile Legends Jawhead at this point. Here are the pros and cons of Jawhead in Mobile Legends from our point of view.

The advantages of Hero Jawhead are: The jaw head has a high mobility. Jaw head is hard to kill, especially one-on-one. The jaw head is considered to be highly damaging. Hero included in the list of the Strongest Frontliner Heroes.

Hero Jawhead’s weaknesses are: Jawhead’s ability really takes timing. Jaw Head can only focus on 1 hero at first. In the case of a team war, Jawhead is less effective. Jawhead has no potential as a carry hero.

If you look at the pros and cons of Hero Mobile Legends Jawhead above, it can be seen as a good first step for you to better understand the hero in the game. Understanding the pros and cons of Jawhead can give you good potential in using the hero such as: B. more skills and so on.

We have finished this article and hope that it can be useful for you as additional insight, especially about insights into the Mobile Legends game with a hero named Jawhead. This is the Gamefinity article entitled “Knowing More About the Hero Mobile Legends Jawhead, Its Origin, and Its Strengths and Weaknesses”. to receive news articles from our other information.

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