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Mobile Legends is being adapted for anime and will be broadcast on Indonesian television

GAME FINITY. ID, CIREBON – Mobile Legends: Bang Bang or commonly known as ML, who doesn’t know this Moba Mobile game, one of the most popular Moba games in the world, especially in Indonesia, most people from all walks of life play this game, from young children to adults. Now players are shocked at that Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will be adapted into anime.

The Mobile Legends game has not only created a large esports community as a plaything, especially in Southeast Asia.

Anime Mobile Legends: Will Bang Bang Be Aired On Indonesian TV?

Recently Moba mobile game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Much discussed because this game is getting an anime adaptation with the title Legends of Dawn: The Sacred Stone. The announcement was made through her official social media account. Interestingly, this anime adaptation is being broadcast on one of the Indonesian TV channels, namely NETWORK. In addition to being shown on TV, the Mobile Legends anime is also shown on TV WeTV Indonesia. The anime’s schedule will air in autumn 2021.

But unfortunately, as of now, there are no details about what the plot and the main character will air. For game fans Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Of course, it’s an agenda to look forward to.

For anyone interested in the game, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang You can download it for free and play it on Android and IOS.

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