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Mobile Legends Haram facts | Gamefinity

Who of you want to play illegal games? Most of you certainly don’t want to play games that have been declared illegal by many parties. Speaking of haram, is Moonton’s game called Mobile Legends Haram to be played? Or vice versa, if the Mobile Legends game isn’t illegal?

To answer all your curiosity, we have prepared a statement regarding Mobile Legends, which is supposedly illegal. Please read this article to the end so you can understand and infer if the Mobile Legends game is Haram?

Why is Mobile Legends called Haram?

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Is it true that Mobile Legends is Haram? Mobile Legends is illegal, isn’t it? Why is Mobile Legends illegal? Some of these questions need to be kept in mind and the reason you are reading this article. To answer the question, why can Mobile Legends be called Haram? You need to analyze everything that makes the game illegal by researching and learning more about Mobile Legends.

From multiple sources and our analysis, Mobile Legends can be said to be illegal if the players play badly, for example if they play tough and dirty words and give Mobile Legends too much priority instead of worshiping aliasing addiction, which Mobile Legends does too one means of wagering, and others that adversely affect gamblers.

All things can be called haram if you use them or if you do not use them according to their original function. Like the game Mobile Legends, Mobile Legends is here of course for a good cause where the application is only intended to be used as a game tool that cannot be played for nasty things. Haram or not ML return to all of you, how do you play the game?

Is Mobile Legends Really Haram?

Is it true that Mobile Legends has now been identified as an illegal game application? We can explain to you all that the Mobile Legends game has allegedly not been declared haram by all MUIs, but the Mobile Legends game has been declared haram by the Ulama Consultative Council (MPU) in the Aceh region. At the 3rd plenary session of Ulama in 2021, Mobile Legends was added to the list of games declared and decided as illegal games in the city of Aceh.

Mobile Legends game is said to be called Haram in Aceh and called Haram because the game is considered to be able to change the characteristics of a person while playing, besides, Mobile Legends is one of the games that has negative things like radicalism, Mentality can cause one’s own aggressiveness. Mobile Legends aside, there are many other types of mobile games known as Haram in the Aceh region like Free Fire, PUBG and so on.

How do you feel about the ban on Mobile Legends in the city of Aceh? Can you or not accept the decision of the Aceh City MPU banning the Mobile Legends game? In our opinion of MPU Aceh’s decision to ban Mobile Legends game, we think MPU Aceh has good intentions for the people of the city and has no intention of prohibiting anyone from enjoying it in their city. Hopefully with all of our explanations above we can answer questions about Mobile Legends, is it illegal or not? Or is Mobile Legends halal or not?

This is our article, titled “Interesting Facts About Mobile Legends That Turns Out To Be Haram And A Duty For You To Know,” by the Gamefinity writing team. Hopefully it will be useful to those of you who are interested in knowing about the illegality of Mobile Legends and is it true or not? Don’t forget to share so that everyone will know and understand. Please continue to visit us at so that you can receive other news articles from us.

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