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Mobile Legends Granger, strengths and weaknesses

Heroic marksman named Granger will be the main topic of this article! Do you know this handsome hero is a popular hero in season 21? This hero is said to be a popular hero in Season 21, so don’t be surprised if we deserve to discuss this hero in the form of this article.

So no more need to use it, just go straight to all of them to see and understand our article on Granger in Mobile Legends. In this article we are going to discuss the history of the main theme, namely its origin and also its advantages and disadvantages in the Mobile Legends game.

The origin of Hero Granger

Just by his looks you can already guess that Granger ML is a musician. Granger used to be known as a street musician who was good at making music, many people were amazed at Granger’s musical talent, but behind it was a sad story for Granger in which he no longer had parents because they died in the war that happened between the Moniyan -Rich and the Southern Mountains.

Granger is a kid who grew up in the Convent of Light, where it’s a place that transforms Granger’s personality into someone who loves music. Whenever he listens to music he becomes happy, but when the music stops he returns to a calm and somber child far from his friends.

The orphans in the Convent of Light are children who are given two different choices for their future. Granger is an orphan who chose his future path by choosing his second path. He intends to become a demon hunter as well as a servant for the Monastery of Light.

After a long time, Granger managed to become the top demon hunter and now he is the leader of the demon hunter organization of the Monastery of Light, ready at any time to exterminate the evil of demons and defend the truth that exists about this one Time in the land of dawn, even if it is ready and will fight.

Granger advantages and disadvantages

Here are some of the Hero Granger ML pros and cons that we’ve rounded up so that they’re easy to understand, easy to read, and easy to remember. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of Granger Mobile Legends.

The advantages of Granger Mobile Legends: For Beginners, Hero Granger, this Hero is quite easy for you to understand and understand. One of the hero shooters who has quite a long attack range. Hero archer who can escape easily because he is endowed with escape skills. A hero who can be very dangerous for the opponent when the match situation is at the beginning of the game.

Weaknesses of Granger Mobile Legends: If it’s good in the early game then it’s definitely the opposite, it’s not good in the late game. Granger is a hero who is not endowed with crowd control skills. Granger’s skills or abilities are easy to read and predict by the enemy. If the attack speed of most hero shooters is high, Granger isn’t because he’s a hero who has less attack speed.

Did you understand that? Both pros and cons, you can maximize the pros and reduce the cons with the right and right items and builds. Remember, this hero is a popular hero in season 21 then this hero is surely a hero who can be described as good and good.

So you want to play Mobile Legends and try out Granger? Wait a minute before doing this. Make sure to check out this article from Gamefinity, titled “Let’s Make the Hero Mobile Legends Granger, Origins and Strengths and Weaknesses” so that others can benefit from us. That’s all of us and don’t forget to access this link so that you can receive our other items.

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