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Mobile Legends Gatotkaca, strengths and weaknesses

Iron wire muscle, who is an Indonesian who doesn’t know the term? Surely most of the people or the Indonesians know and can guess who we mean? What we mean is Gatotkaca, a mythological figure whose story is quite famous, especially in Indonesia. But on this occasion we are not talking about Gatotkaca from ancient mythology, but about Gatotkaca from ML.

Gatotkaca in Mobile Legends is a character figure who is similar, but not identical, to the character, the nature of the legend of Gatotkaca. We invite you to read this article to help you understand the Gatotkaca in Mobile Legends. We will focus on the history of the origin of the Gatotkaca and the pros and cons of Mobile Legends.

The origin of the hero Gatotkaca

Mobile Legends Gatotkaca

Mobile Legends Gatotkaca is someone who was born and created in Arcapada with their parents named Bima and Arimbi. Gatotkaca was born as a god who could defeat other gods when he was little. Besides the battle that Gatotkaca always wins, there is a moment when Gatotkaca cannot win the battle, even to the point that Gatotkaca is critical of his condition.

Pandawa is a great and strong character compared to Gatotkaca, he is a character who saved Gatotkaca on the verge of death. Gatotkaca, recovering and regaining his condition, was made a disciple by the Pandavas to become stronger than before. Gatotkaca received weapons from the Pandavas in the form of Brajamusti and Brajadenta not only as a student. Gatotkaca received a weapon from the Pandavas, but did not forget to give the Pandavas his magical robe called Antakusuma.

With the teachings of the Pandavas as well as weapons and magical robes, Ghatotkacha is now stronger and more powerful than before. In the end, Gatotkaca managed to overthrow all his ancient enemies without staying, and now Ghatotkacha has become a hero, praised for his strong and invincible strength, ready to fight and fight at any time.

Gatotkaca’s strengths and weaknesses

Mobile Legends Gatotkaca is a tank / fighter type hero, so he undoubtedly has incredibly strong and tenacious resistance. Equipped with a strong and strong defense, Gatotkaca can make him a hero who can withstand enemy attacks during a war. Another advantage of Mobile Legends Gatotkaca is that he is an easy hero to master.

What are the shortcomings of Mobile Legends Gatotkaca? Because of the hero armor / fighter, Gatotkaca’s damage is still relatively small at the start of the game, although his defense is quite good but not balanced with the damage he has. Another weakness of Gatotkaca is that it is easy to predict, including the skills it has, besides, low mobility also belongs to Gatotkaca’s weakness group, such as slow moving speed, lack of attack speed and so on.

If you read this article, do you understand what are the weaknesses and strengths of Gatotkaca in Mobile Legends game? We hope so, and we also hope that you can find out the genesis of Gatotkaca in Mobile Legends by reading this article. This is an article by Gamefinity entitled “Complete Information About the Hero Mobile Legends Gatotkaca Character, Their Origin, and Their Strengths and Weaknesses”

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