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Mobile Legends Fanny, strengths and weaknesses

Fanny is a hero assassin in Mobile Legends with a unique trait, namely using long-rope media as a combat tool to both move locations quickly and attack distant enemies. Quite a few people equate the hero from the anime titled Attack on Titan because of the similarity a rope uses to fly high.

For those of you Mobile Legends players who are not experts and understand a hero named Fanny, we recommend listening to this article so that you understand who Fanny is. And what are the pros and cons of a match in Mobile Legends game?

The origin of Hero Fanny

Mobile Legends Fanny

Mobile Legends Fanny is a woman born with dreams big where she keeps dreaming and is not pessimistic about making her a girl who can fly her way. In order to fulfill her wish, Fanny created a very unique and creative tool with which she could make a hook tool for steel cables that has a purpose and acts in the form of a pulling force.

After creating a hook that will allow him to fly through ceilings and wall edges, the next step is the practice process. To be able to fly from one place to another requires a gradual training process, Fanny always needs to practice to become more reliable with the hook she created.

Fanny has so far been known as a tough, tough and unyielding woman because her perseverance makes everyone admire and proud of her. Because of his creations, he is now also known as a woman or a girl who can fly with the skills he has created, also known as the Blade of Freedom.

Fanny’s strengths and weaknesses

Mobile Legends Fanny is very well known to Mobile Legends players because the level of difficulty is exceptional and very difficult. The level of difficulty is a separate feature, namely the steel hook, for the new Mobile Legends players you have to think carefully about the use of the hero, because Hero Fanny cannot be mastered in just 1 to 2 days, quite a few old ML players are Fanny still difficult to master, both in skill and crowd control. Another weakness lies in wasting energy and relying too heavily on buffs because the HP is too thin.

Knowing the disadvantages, what are the advantages? The advantage of Mobile Legends Fanny also lies in its weaknesses, where the rope rope skill can make Fanny one of those heroes who are very difficult to kill if the style of play is right and the timing is right. Another advantage is that at the beginning of the game, Fanny is tough and able to flee quickly, quickly moving places to farming with a quick process. Hero Fanny is often referred to as Hero Mobile Legends, which is very exciting and fun in matches, but it can all be called exciting when you are all able to master Fanny and be reliable.

And that’s the story leading up to Fanny’s strengths and weaknesses in Mobile Legends. We hope that those of you reading this article will understand Fanny’s story so that they can understand its pros and cons. This is Gamefinity’s article entitled “This is Mobile Legends Hero Fanny, His Origin, and Pros and Cons”.

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