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Mobile Legends Eudora, strengths and weaknesses

Do you know the Hero Mobile Legends called Eudora? Knowing it or not, you have to explore the Mobile Legends Hero because why are you playing Mobile Legends but not exploring the Hero. Once you understand the story and its pros and cons, you can go a step further to master the hero.

This time around, we would like to invite you to learn more about the character or Hero Mobile Legends called Eudora. This time, listen to the story of Hero Mobile Legends Eudora and also see what makes the hero his strengths and weaknesses in the Mobile Legends game.

The origin of the hero Eudora

Mobile Legends Eudora

It is said that Eudora was a student of a great magician in Mobile Legends. By diligently studying and studying magic, Eudora has now become very experienced in the field of magic, especially magic with elements of lightning or electricity. Eudora became the most gifted student of the others, and even the teacher could no longer give Eudora any lessons or knowledge, since Eudora already mastered everything the teacher knew.

Unsatisfied with being able to outdo the teacher, Eudora now goes in search of more magic to learn. Eudora is someone who is not satisfied with the strength that he has, he always feels that he lacks the strength that he has. Eudora continued to seek satisfaction in the form of magic, even Eudora reached the Land of Dawn.

In the land of the dawn Eudora saw and felt that he was fit to learn the magic arts there. Desiring to become the strongest magician, Eudora decided to join the war in the Land of Dawn with the aim of learning other magic arts so that her wish can be realized and fulfilled. And that’s the genesis of Eudora in Mobile Legends.

Advantages and disadvantages of Eudora

Now that you know the origins of Mobile Legends Eudora, it is incomplete if you don’t know the pros and cons of Hero Eudora in Mobile Legends. Here we explain the advantages and disadvantages of Hero Eudora:

Advantages of Mobile Legends Eudora: Eudora is one of the heroes of the magician type who is very easy to master. At the beginning of the game, Eudora is a hero with quite a lethal and superior damage and magical damage. Hero Eudora’s builds are easy to mix and match. Have good control of the crowd.

Disadvantages of Mobile Legends Eudora: Hero Mage with a pretty thin HP level. Has an ability that is quite painful but not effective at dodging or escaping enemies. Very little mobility. Eudora cannot win in the late game. Eudora’s abilities are easy to counter and easy to read.

These are the pros and cons of Mobile Legends Eudora that we’ve rounded up for you. Hope you understand and learn so that you can become an expert and master the Hero Mobile Legends called Eudora. Keep practicing and keep an eye out for other information about Eudora so you have the potential to become the top global hero, Eudora.

This is an article titled “Complete Guide to Hero Mobile Legends Eudora, Origin and Strengths and Weaknesses” by the Gamefinity team. We hope that the presence of this article can bring you good benefit, especially in the Mobile Legends game. Don’t forget to share this article about Eudora with all of your friends. Stay tuned for our other informative news articles below

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