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Mobile Legends Esmeralda, strengths and weaknesses

If you don’t know more about Hero Mobile Legends Esmeralda, you have to go into more detail in this article! Because you will lose if you miss the information in this article where the content of this article is intended to help you readers, especially Mobile Legends players, understand and understand Esmeralda in Mobile Legends.

It is a shame to miss this article for Mobile Legends gamers as we are going to discuss the origins of Esmeralda Mobile Legends in this article. Don’t forget that we’re also including the pros and cons of Hero Esmeralda in Mobile Legends.

The origin of the hero Esmeralda

Mobile Legends Esmeralda

Esmeralda was narrated in the past as a young woman who lived and was born in the western desert area. When Esmeralda was young she had a job as an astrologer, she also had the responsibility of being someone who had to take care of the Star Moon Box and watch it, hoping to get stronger. Young Esmeralda is eager to discover the secrets of the Starmoon Box.

With Esmeralda’s curiosity about the secret of the Star Moon Box, she decides to go to the Minos Labyrinth to find the secret. Unfortunately, a misfortune had to happen to Esmeralda, she had to feel an earthquake with a black sandstorm, which she hit while searching for the secret Star Moon box. In addition to being a disaster, Esmeralda was a miracle as she was not injured by the earthquake and storm.

Esmeralda is fine because the Starmoon Box opened by itself, because the opened Starmoon Box had helped Esmeralda and also passed power to Esmeralda. With the opening of the Starmoon Casket, Esmeralda concluded that it was Starmoon Casket’s call to her to fulfill the duties of the Starmoon Casket.

Somehow Esmeralda gets a visual cue from Starmoon Casket, she gets instructions to fight a cruel and dangerous person named Khufra. In the end, with Esmeralda’s determination, she decided to find and defeat Khufra so that Starmoon Casket’s wish could be granted. So this is our explanation of the origins of Mobile Legends Esmeralda.

Esmeralda’s strengths and disadvantages

To maximize your knowledge of Hero Mobile Legends Esmeralda, we will explain to you simply and concisely some of the pros and cons of Esmeralda in Mobile Legends.

The advantages of Hero Esmeralda in Mobile Legends are:: Esmeralda is a hero armor with relatively high damage in its class. Has a fairly effective and powerful escape skill. Esmeralda has a fairly short cooldown. Have the ability with good and high mobility. Mastering Hero Esmeralda is very easy and understandable.

What Hero Esmeralda is missing in Mobile Legends is: Heroine Esmeralda is a tank heroine with many heroes to meet her. Requires proper timing of spam knowledge. Can’t potentially be a carry hero on the team. Esmeralda was very wasteful with her mana.

Those are the pros and cons of the Hero Mobile Legends called Esmeralda that we have put together so that you can easily understand and understand them. Our advice is that you keep reading deeper and more detailed about Hero Esmeralda, because our conclusion is that this Hero is quite good to use as an Offlaner hero and with the right item or build it will make the Hero even more powerful in the tank / mage class .

We have finalized this article titled “Let’s Make the Hero Mobile Legends Esmeralda, Their Origin and Their Strengths and Weaknesses” by the Gamefinity writing team. You have to share the benefits of this article as the benefits are good for all Mobile Legends players, especially those who want to learn Hero Esmeralda. Keep watching and receive news and information from us at

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