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Mobile Legends Dyrroth, strengths and weaknesses

Studying all of the heroes available in the Mobile Legends game is one of the most important keys that every Mobile Legends gamer should be doing. Each character and player skill will surely be different, so there’s no reason to be surprised if all professional gamers already know and understand each of the skills of Mobile Legends Heroes, as well as other things.

In accordance with the above expression, as the authors of the article, we would like to provide one of the pieces of information about the powerful Hero of the Mobile Legends game called “Dyrroth”. Below we will peel all the origins of the hero, as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

The origin of the hero Dyrroth

Mobile Legends Dyrroth

Once upon a time there was a prince who was born in a kingdom called the Moniyan Empire. This prince was called “Dyrroth”. Prince Dyrroth is believed to be one of the princes who will later lead the Moniyan nation to victory in the war in the Land of Dawn. Although Prince Dyyroth is still a baby, he is also worshiped by the entire Moniyan Empire.

Prince Dyyroth also has an older sister named Silvana. Dyrroth’s brother loved Dyrroth with all his heart as much as the people of the Moniyan Empire. But unfortunately, Prince Dyrroth actually disappeared from his cot exactly on his one-year birthday. At that time, the entire nation of the Moniyan Empire was shrouded in extreme sadness, including Dyrroth’s older sister, Silvana.

On the other side of the deepest southern hill, a new war demon prince appeared who had mastered all sorts of tricks and skills. This prince is said to be Prince Dyrroth, who was kidnapped as a baby. Long story short, now the Demon Prince aka Mobile Legends Dyrroth is being trained hard by Thamuz the War General to master the war strategy to win the war between the Lord of Abyss and the Moniyan Empire.

Dyrroth’s pros and cons

By and large, Hero Mobile Legends Dyrroth is one of the heroes to have an off-lan role. Certainly Hero Mobile Legends Dyrroth is also one of the hero off-planers who is declared to be quite strong. Where Dyrroth can finish off his enemies one on one.

Here we are going to explain some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Hero:

The advantages of Mobile Legends Dyrroth are that it has a dangerous passive ability that works as Hero Mobile Legends frontline (tanks), has mobility skills, the damage of Burst Dyrroth is quite high and works as a hero fighter who is capable is to achieve the goal of opponents quickly

The weakness of Mobile Legends Dyrroth is that it is weak against enemy heroes who are able to deal high damage (weak with mages), not suitable as a team battle hero (Solo Carry Hero), very easy to counter against enemies, difficult to understand Dyrroth’s abilities and then lose to crowd control heroes

By looking at the two things above, players can see the pros and cons of the hero named Dyrroth. Hero Mobile Legends Dyrroth really takes experience both in skill handling and in his own way, which means the Hero is indeed a bit difficult to use for amateur gamers.

So why are you interested in trying Hero Dyrroth after learning about its origins and advantages and disadvantages? Hopefully this article will give you additional options for choosing a hero in Mobile Legends. That’s it for this article, titled “Let’s See the Hero Mobile Legends Dyrroth, Their Origin, and Their Strengths and Weaknesses” by the Gamefinity team. Don’t forget to share and don’t forget to visit us at to receive news on our other informational articles.

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