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Mobile Legends Developmental League, a new way to become a pro gamer!

GAMEFINITY.ID, Jakarta – It is well known that Moonton, as the official organizer of the Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL), will continue its efforts to develop the esports ecosystem in Indonesia. This certainly corresponds to his vision of becoming a pillar of the eSports ecosystem in Indonesia.

2020 will be a year full of tournaments in the country. In addition to the MPL, which is soon to take place again, game lovers of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) already know that the second MLBB World Championship or M2 will also be held in Indonesia. This was officially announced at the M1 grand finale in Malaysia last November.

What other surprises will Moonton come up with then? As if to answer other parties’ questions regarding the possibility of becoming a professional MLBB player, Moonton is presenting a second division of MPL. This second league was also called the Mobile Legends Developmental League (MDL).

As the second division of the MPL, the attitude and character of professionalism will of course be retained. As the name suggests, Moonton is inviting teams that are currently participating in MPL to set up their second team, as well as giving other teams opportunities to participate.

Teams outside of the MPL ecosystem compete for the opportunity to join MDL through the offline qualification system. All applications for the first season of MDL will be selected by Moonton. Where with the qualification system new teams become more competitive and the team selection system becomes more transparent.

MDL itself is slated to start in February and last around 2 months. Where the regular season and the playoffs are initially held in Jakarta. It is certain that MDL will be broadcast online to make it easier for game lovers to follow the continuity of this second division.

“We are definitely very happy to finally be able to develop this Mobile Legends Developmental League. We believe that the existence of MDL certainly opens up opportunities and avenues to become a professional gamer. Since we know that the esports ecosystem itself is growing very quickly, we would of course like to participate more in the development and maintenance of the existing ecosystem. And according to our vision we now have a full tournament from amateur league to professional league “said Lucas Mao, MPL Indonesia Commissioner.

By joining this MDL, the teams participating in the MPL will have the opportunity to look for new players who will have more competition. MDL is also a dream for semi-pro players to show their teeth and show off their skills in the hope that after this league is over they will advance to the MPL.

With the launch of MDL in 2021, the esports ecosystem itself will of course be more advanced and developed. Equipped with the MLCC event that Moonton officially announced in its press release. Moonton’s official tournaments are complete, starting with the amateur league, the second division and the professional league.

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