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Mobile Legends Development League Season 2, opportunity for new talent

GAMEFINITY.ID, Jakarta – Over the years, Moonton has kept its commitment to developing the esports ecosystem in Indonesia. This can be seen in the number of tournaments and talent scouting events held for Mobile Legends fans in the country.

Through these events, a number of personalities, both players and popular teams, were born that now make Indonesia proud in the international arena. For example, EVOS Esports won the title at the international Mobile Legends tournament M1. 2021 is no exception, although this year has been a difficult year due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, Moonton’s commitment to advancing the esports ecosystem doesn’t stop there. Some time ago we just saw the presence of MLBB All-Star, a place of appreciation and a meeting place for avid Mobile Legends fans, such as professional gamers, cosplayers, the media and Mobile Legends players in general.

As if that weren’t enough, various prestigious Mobile Legends tournaments will continue to be held, such as the Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) and the Mobile Legends Development League (MDL), which will soon enter its second season. MDL is the second division of MPL. This tournament offers teams outside of MPL the opportunity to show their teeth and reap success through Mobile Legends. Despite being in the second division, MDL continues to uphold the spirit and professionalism of esports.

In addition to providing fresh air for the competitive Mobile Legends event in Indonesia, MDL is also held with the aim of finding new talented players with the potential to compete in MPL in the future.

It is confirmed that a total of 11 selected teams will compete in the MDL from August 10th to September 30th, 2021 (regular season) for a total price of more than USD 20,000 or the equivalent of IDR 300 million. The best teams that successfully collect points in the regular season round advance to the next round, namely the MDL playoffs for three days on October 9, 10 and 11, 2021.

“We are very excited to announce MDL for the Mobile Legends lover community in Indonesia. We hope that with this MDL we can open up greater opportunities for players to achieve success, as well as a chance for teams currently competing in the MPL to look for new talent with the potential to add to the team roster in the future fill, “said Lucas Mao as the commissioner of MDL in Indonesia.

In the second season of MDL, there are five teams this time that have the potential to become a dark horse or surprise team. The five MDL teams include XCN BKB, RRQ Sena, Geek Fam Jr., Siren Esports, and Bigetron Bravo. They all have an equal chance of becoming the new MDL champion. Fauzianska “Golden Ranger” as the shoutcaster, who has presented Mobile Legends matches in recent years, gave his views on the chances of team battles in MDL Season 2.

“Actually, when you say there is no underdog or dark horse, yes, but if you predict the team that will go up, it has to be Bigetron Bravo or RRQ Sena. Because yesterday we saw that RRQ Sena’s performance was very strong in one of the tournaments, even against MPL teams such as representatives from the Philippines, “said the Golden Ranger.

He estimates that RRQ Sena and Bigetron Bravo will at least make it to the playoffs of MDL Season 2, as well as these two teams there are also XCN BKB or Siren Esports, the reason for choosing the four is the performance and the roster of many players whose names are actually pretty flashy, like Warlord’s descent from Bigetron MPL to MDL.

“It will most likely be dangerous for the teams in MDL. As for EVOS, I know Clover exists, but I haven’t seen any noticeable performance from them. Well, if Geek Fam Jr. was in the last tournaments it was very ‘terrible’, but I didn’t see the consistency in the next game, ”said the Golden Ranger.

Ranger Emas also believes the MDL Season 2 event will be very intense. “It will definitely be fierce and not inferior to MPL, especially the defending champion Victim Esports with his new squad. Will it be as great as last season or even with Mir Acl and BayMax who actually don’t make Victim Esports’ performance as great as last season? There is no evidence that the two will be able to fill each other’s positions, which is natural given their status as new players, “concluded the man who is known to be Oji.

In the meantime, Fahmi “Kornet” actually had a different opinion. According to the Golden Ranger, if Bigetron Bravo is a potential team, Kornet actually believes RRQ Sena is the one who will have the potential to become a scary team for MDL this season two.
“There may be a lot of winning teams, like Victim Esports who won MDL Season 1 or EVOS Esports who have a chance with talented players, but RRQ Sena deserves to be considered,” said Kornet.

Kornet added that even without Liam, the RRQ Sena roster has talented and potential young players. Name it X Win, Albertt and Skylar who are forecast to be MPL stars in the coming season. Don’t underestimate the names that are not yet known, especially since RRQ Sena players are relatively new to the competitive arena.

“But with a winning spirit, especially in the RRQ culture, which has just won the MPL season 5. Of course, the RRQ Sena squad tries to combine the championship title with the MDL trophy,” said Kornet.

“The point is that MDL Season 2 will be exciting and intense, almost all teams have the same chance of winning. Of course, especially with the new names, the presence of MDL Season 2 has the potential to spawn seeds of champion players in the coming season, “added Kornet of the MDL Season 2 excitement.

Despite inviting 8 teams via a franchise route, MDL still has the same enthusiasm as MPL. Victim Esports, who won the MDL Season 1 event, proved that the teams that crossed the qualifying route were able to compete against other opponents. MDL itself continues to take place amid the COVID-19 pandemic, which is endemic to more than 200 countries including Indonesia. Strict and measurable health protocols are implemented as recommended by the government and health professionals in Indonesia.

All teams that competed themselves had their squad composition suspended since July 6th. The 12 best teams win the MDL Season 2 title, who will be the champion?

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