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Mobile Legends Change, Strengths and Weaknesses

Before using Mobile Legends Heroes in a match, it would be nice if you know the character or hero, e.g. B. Know the story of the pros and cons in Mobile Legends. All of this is done so that you can understand and understand the characteristics of the hero.

We appoint a Mobile Legends Hero named Chang e to your current learning topic, where we explain the advantages and disadvantages of Mobile Legends to you, do not forget that we tell the story of the hero so that you can learn more about the hero named Chang e.

The origin of Hero Chang e

Mobile Legends Chang e

Mobile Legends Chang e is a little girl from a mysterious area. Chang e is a model student of The Great Dragon, Chang e is also a student of The Great Dragon who now has a secret move from The Great Dragon called the Sacred Satellite. The Great Dragon decided to hand over Zilong to his exemplary and excellent student, because Chang e no longer needed to be taught.

Chang e is a little girl who really likes the outdoors. The Great Dragon entrusted them to Zilong, hoping to change Chang e in a more useful and kind direction. Zilong, who takes care of Chang e, considers Chang e to be his own brother, and conversely, Chang e also considers Zilong to be his older brother. Unfortunately, luck had to come to an end when Zilong had to leave because of his duty.

After being abandoned by Zilong, Chang e is now a naughty girl. Chang e was punished for swallowing the sacred pill of the Great Dragon. Chang e was punished for his misconduct, he was punished for accompanying Zilong in the fulfillment of his duties. The Great Dragon gave Chang e equipment in the shape of a crescent moon before catching up with Zilong, who was performing his duties.

Advantages and disadvantages of Chang e

The advantages of Mobile Legends Chang e are as follows:

  • Chang e is a hero mage who is credited with a fairly wide range of spam skills, with the skills he has he can use them against enemies from a great distance.
  • Hero Chang e is an easy to master hero who is not only flexible but also easily gets buffs from his enemies.
  • Chang e is very good in terms of early game damage as Chang e is a hero mage who has quite large and dangerous damage and magical damage at the beginning of the game.

The disadvantages of Mobile Legends Chang e are as follows:

  • Chang e’s weakness is that he is one of the Hero Mobile Legends who, from his movements to his skills, is easy for the enemy to read.
  • When Chang e is in a corner, it will be difficult for him to escape because Chang e is a hero mage who is not endowed with skills that even allow him to run away to hunt down enemies.
  • Chang e has a low durability, he is rated as a hero mage with thin HP, not strong Def, even with a lower attack speed.

So this is our explanation of the Hero Mobile Legends called Chang e, after reading our explanation above about the origin and the pros and cons of Chang e in Mobile Legends, we hope you understand and know Hero Chang e. This is the Gamefinity article entitled “Let’s Listen to the Figure of Mobile Legends Hero Chang e, Origin and Strengths and Weaknesses” to receive our other informative news articles.

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