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Mobile Legends: The Best Hero for Beginners

The best hero for beginners in Mobile Legends. The most interesting thing that lets the player play and fight in 5-on-5 battles in the Mobile Legends game is, among other things, because the heroes in this game have their respective advantages and disadvantages depending on their character and nature. which makes the gameplay of this Mobile Legends Moba game clearly fair and balanced even during a duet.

According to many gamer lovers Cell phone legends game Included in the group of best mobile moba games when we compare – compare to similar games on our Android smartphones. In fact, in this game there is no single hero who has really powerful power, there is no best hero, because all heroes of mobile legends have their own advantages and disadvantages.

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There are so many questions from beginners in the Mobile Legends game, starting with the question of What’s the best hero for beginners? For example, I only have the two best heroes who are very easy to play properly, even for a beginner.

The best heroes in Mobile Legends 2021 for those of you who are new to this game, which is the first tiger, why should Tigreal? The reason for this is that this hero is a tank hero, doesn’t feel burdened by any party and besides having good mobility is also very easy to control because he uses a laptop / computer. The most important thing now is that Tigreal is having a hero Crowd Control (CC) specializationwhich is claimed to be able to interfere with opponents while fighting or playing together with a team.

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Compared to use Bear hero where the hero is always an easy target for enemy attack he has to be a tanker sometimes, with such things that cannot always make this hero die and will be a feeder in the Mobile Legends game.

To learn to train your skills, learn to always use Tigreal heroes by knowing how to kite, farm opponents and also set the right timing for the release of skills. This tigreal hero is also not as difficult as other heroes and is highly recommended for those who are still newbies (beginners) in Mobile Legends game to use lipstick and others.

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Tigreal was deliberately designed as a tank hero by the owner of the mobile legend. All the skills he has seem to be devoted to control during war, a very good tyrant for outsmarting opponents or commonly referred to as crowd control. And it is also very likely that this hero can be a good killer hero if the items you buy do very good damage.

The second best hero that can be played by beginners in mobile legends is Layla. If you want to try it out, please vote Hero Layla attacking from a distance with a type of damage that has a very large effect. The consequences include various decisions Sniper hero currently on mobile legends.

Hero layla is also one of the hundreds of the best heroes, besides, the attack distance is the furthest, so it is very important for beginners to get this great hero and keep training his skills so that you can win a duet fight.

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This is the article The 2 best heroes in mobile legends for beginners What can i say Hopefully this article I have created can help those of you who have just installed the Mobile Legends game and are looking for recommendations on which heroes are good for those new to ML. Source

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