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Mobile Legends Argus, strengths and weaknesses

Indeed, angels are something that we as humans really admire. Based on his noble form and so indescribable in words, angels also become the beings who guard heaven and hell.

From this conclusion, Mobile Legends developer Moonton sees the opportunity to raise angels in the form of heroes named “Rafaela” and “Argus”. Surely this angel-shaped hero has a history or origin that we will clearly reveal in the following article.

The origin of the hero Argus

Mobile Legends Argus

It is said that in the past in the work of the Moniyan Empire there were two angels who always guarded the peace of the Land of Dawn. These angels are divided into two types, the first is the Angel of Light or also known as the “Angel of Light” called “Rafaela” and the second angel is the Angel of Darkness or also known as the “Angel of Darkness” called Argus Mobile Legends .

Please note that Rafaela is a very noble figure who uses her powers to heal, while the Mobile Legend hero Argus is said to be a solid figure. Where he is the angel who guards the gates of judgment. So any creature that makes a mistake will meet Argus for punishment. But Argus still has a good side where Argus is building the Temple of Light for people who want to get back on the right track.

However, over time, each of the punished creatures grew stronger and stronger. Argus also automatically and indirectly joined in to train in order to make himself stronger. When the Lord of the Abyss saw this, it saw an opportunity to get Argus to make Argus one of his warriors. Argus, who used to have good intentions, is now someone who thirsts for strength and desires destruction and destruction.

Advantages and disadvantages of Argus®

In the Mobile Legends game, Argus’ hero is often used by professional players in major tournaments and ordinary match games. The main reason, of course, is that the Mobile Legend Argus hero has a pretty strong ability. In order not to get confused, below are the pros and cons of the Mobile Legends hero Argus.

The advantages of Argus Mobile Legends: Argus has a very high durability. As one of the strongest hero fighters, Argus is a dangerous hero role fighter. Ultimate Argus makes himself unable to die when his Ultimate is active. Argus does not use mana.

Disadvantages of Argus Mobile Legends: Please note that Argus is very weak when laning at the beginning of the game. Argus has no crowd control skills and is a one-target hero. The use of the Argus Skill requires the skill of the player and the right timing. Argus is very weak against heroes who can cause blast damage.

So many pros and cons of Hero Mobile Legends Argus. By looking at the pros and cons, you can determine what style of play you think you can use.

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