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Mobile Legend's collaboration with Kaisen Jujutsu is said to be canceled

GAMEFINITY.ID, Bandung – The games were once surprised by a leak in the Mobile Legends game, the leak contained a collaboration poll between Mobile Legend and the anime Jujutsu Kaisen, this leak was distributed in early May The Mobile Legend games are Yuji Itadori and Satoru Gojo.

But reality says otherwise, an Instagram that often leaks information about Mobile Legends stated that the collaboration between Mobile Legend and Jujutsu Kaisen has been broken. This is closely related to Onmyouji, who first officially announced his collaboration with the popular anime.

Although this collaboration is not just in the Onmyouji game, it is believed that there will be a possibility when the characters of the Jujutsu Kaisen game will be present in the Onmyoji Arena, Onmyoji Card, Onmyoji Yokai Koya. Even if it is just an announcement of information about it, it is still not certain that Onmyoji will.

Currently, the anime Jujutsu Kaisen is at the peak of its popularity, a lot of people like this anime from wibu, otaku to tiktokern. Although this jujutsu kaisen manga already had its own popularity before the anime came out, this added to the anime’s popularity with the jujutsu kaisen anime produced by MAPPA. Jujutsu Kaisen became popular because this anime has a plot and graphics that are very interesting, so that many people like this anime.

The anime Jujutsu Kaisen focuses on a student named Yuuji Itadori. He joined the occult club, but one day the club got a cursed object that was sealed. Action anime lovers must see this anime. Surprisingly, it was the demon fragment from Ryoumen Sukuna.

While this information is not yet fully confirmed, we will have to wait to see when the collaboration will take place and wait for Moonton’s side to question the clarity of their collaboration with Jujutsu Kaisen.

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