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Meet 6 role heroes in Mobile Legends that players need to know

OKEGUYS – There are so many Mobile Legends hero roles that we know. Before starting the game, it is a good idea to know each of these hero roles.

Mobile Legends is a MOBA genre game that is in great demand and has remained stable to this day. In addition to a sophisticated strategy, the players must also be united in a team in order to win together.

MOBA which means Multiplayer online battle arena, usually played by forming a team. You can also play alone, and later your own team or randomly formed.

Explanation of the role hero in Mobile Legends

So far there are already many heroes in Mobile Legends, there are around 100 more. Of course, each hero role has its own role.

Before starting the game, it is a good idea to know the hero that you want to take on which role and how to do it.

Below is an explanation of the different hero roles in Mobile Legends, as well as a full list of heroes.

1. Role Hero Sagittarius

Role hero shooter
Photo: OKEGUYS / Arif Prasetyo / Mobile Legends

Heroes with roles Sagittarius have damage very high and with the advantage of a fairly large attack range.

This hero role is very weak indeed when played early gamebut has a very fatal attack when it penetrates late game.

When there is a hero Sagittarius in a team, the hero can determine the victory. With damage high and long attack range, hero Sagittarius can also attack behind the hero tank and support She.

But because it has very low defense and easily dies when hit by DPS (Damage per second) from multiple enemy heroes, heroes Sagittarius still need to be aware of the surroundings and be able to hold a position so as not to be kidnapped by the opponent’s hero.

Here is a list of 18 heroes Sagittarius in Mobile Legends.

  • Miya (10,800 battle points)
  • Clint (15,000 battle points)
  • Layla (2,000 battle points)
  • Bruno (15,000 battle points)
  • Roger (24,000 battle points)
  • Karrie (24,000 battle points)
  • Lesley (32,000 battle points)
  • Wan wan (32,000 battle points)
  • Kimmy (32,000 battle points)
  • Granger (32,000 battle points)
  • Yi Sun-shin (32,000 battle points)
  • Irithelium (32,000 battle points)
  • Brody (32,000 battle points)
  • Claude (32,000 battle points)
  • Moscow (32,000 battle points)
  • Beatrix (32,000 battle points)
  • Popol & Kupa (32,000 battle points)
  • Hanabi (32,000 battle points).

2. Supporting role heroes

Support for role heroes
Photo: OKEGUYS / Arif Prasetyo / Mobile Legends

Heroes with roles support usually equipped with support skills designed to aid the in-game teammates heroes as they play war or gank.

These skills are: Crowd control, Immune, cure and other support skills. In the game, it’s good when there is a hero with a role support in a team.

In addition to tanks, heroes with roles support Also plays an important role in the game, namely protecting and helping the core hero on the team.

Here is a list of 9 heroes support in Mobile Legends.

  • Nana (6,500 battle points)
  • Rafaela (6,500 battle points)
  • Diggie (24,000 battle points)
  • Carmilla (32,000 battle points)
  • Kaja (32,000 battle points)
  • Mathilda (32,000 battle points)
  • Faramis (32,000 battle points)
  • Angela (24,000 battle points)
  • Estes (24,000 battle points)

3. Role hero fighter

Role hero fighter
Photo: OKEGUYS / Arif Prasetyo / Mobile Legends

Heroes with roles fighter commonly known as a melee hero and has a balanced defense and attack power compared to other hero roles.

Most of the heroes in the role fighter, usually always rely on skill when fighting. hero fighter is a very good initiator at the start war.

When you enter late game, Hero fighter also very dangerous because it has a strong attack and defense.

Usually the target of the fighter hero is the hero core or the support hero of the opponent. Usually hero users with the fighter role have excellent micro and macros in the game.

The following is a list of 31 Fighter Heroes in Mobile Legends.

  • Sun (32,000 battle points)
  • Minsitthar (32,000 battle points)
  • ruby (32,000 battle points)
  • Masha (32,000 battle points)
  • Dyrroth (32,000 battle points)
  • Barats (32,000 battle points)
  • Paquito (32,000 battle points)
  • Leomord (32,000 battle points)
  • Thamus (32,000 battle points)
  • Aldous (32,000 battle points)
  • Kaja (32,000 battle points)
  • Martis (32,000 battle points)
  • body (32,000 battle points)
  • Terizla (32,000 battle points)
  • Yu Zhong (32,000 battle points)
  • Guinevere (32,000 battle points)
  • Silvanna (32,000 battle points)
  • X.Borg (32,000 battle points)
  • Khaleed (32,000 battle points)
  • Jaw head (32,000 battle points)
  • Argus (32,000 battle points)
  • Lapu-Lapu (32,000 battle points)
  • Freya (549 diamonds)
  • alpha (32,000 battle points)
  • Chou (24,000 battle points)
  • Hilda (24,000 battle points)
  • Balmond (6,500 battle points)
  • curse (6,500 battle points)
  • Zilong (15,000 battle points)
  • Alucard (15,000 battle points)
  • phoveus (32,000 battle points).

4. Role hero magician

Role hero magician
OKEGUYS / Arif Prasetyo / Mobile Legends Photo

Heroes with roles magician very benefits in early game, that is to be had damage which is pretty big. Hero character magician A lot of beautiful, funny, and cute characters also turned out to be. So don’t be surprised if there are female players, they prefer to rely on heroes magician.

Because it has damage that’s pretty big in early game, it’s good to play hero magician flexible. Never stay in one place, try to come when it happens warbecause it will determine victory war the,

hero magician also mostly endowed with skills Crowd control that can paralyze an opponent for a moment. But in the absence of this hero role, the stakes are quite large and, like a hero, the defense is very low Sagittarius.

Here is a list of 22 Mage Heroes in Mobile Legends.

  • Cyclops (15,000 battle points)
  • Aurora (24,000 battle points)
  • Vexana (32,000 battle points)
  • Harley (32,000 battle points)
  • Cecilion (32,000 battle points)
  • Yve (32,000 battle points)
  • Luo Yi (32,000 battle points)
  • Lunox (32,000 battle points)
  • valley (32,000 battle points)
  • Kadita (32,000 battle points)
  • Harith (32,000 battle points)
  • Esmeralda (32,000 battle points)
  • Lylia (32,000 battle points)
  • Change (32,000 battle points)
  • Pharsa (32,000 battle points)
  • Kagur (32,000 battle points)
  • Odette (20 lucky stones in Lucky Spin)
  • Zhask (32,000 battle points)
  • Valir (32,000 battle points)
  • Alice (15,000 battle points)
  • Eudora (2,000 battle points)
  • Gord (24,000 battle points).

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5. Role Hero Assassin

Role hero assassin
Photo: OKEGUYS / Arif Prasetyo / Mobile Legends

As with heroes fighter, Heroes with roles Assassin most have melee attacks, but the advantage is that they come with quick attacks and damage Size.

hero Assassin is nicknamed a kidnap hero or cold-blooded killer Quiet killer.

Usually heroes Assassin First, aim at the opponent’s hero who has low defense. For example hero magician, support, Sagittarius and also Assassin Opponent.

Since it has low defense, most are heroes Assassin used as jungle In a team. Because it is very prone to gank the enemy when he’s inside roadway.

So, heroes Assassin usually depends on it Jungle monster. Try not to bother when the hero Assassin in my own team Agriculture, that is also a decisive victory for the team.

Here is a list of 12 heroes Assassin in Mobile Legends.

  • saber (6,500 battle points)
  • Fanny (24,000 battle points)
  • Hayabusa (32,000 battle points)
  • Karina (32,000 battle points)
  • Natalia (32,000 battle points)
  • Lancelot (32,000 battle points)
  • Benedetta (32,000 battle points)
  • Ling (32,000 battle points)
  • Hanzo (32,000 battle points)
  • Selena (32,000 battle points)
  • Helkurt (32,000 battle points)
  • Casting (32,000 battle points)

6. Role Hero Tank

Panzer hero role
Photo: OKEGUYS / Arif Prasetyo / Mobile Legends

Heroes with roles tank is a role with very high defense and HP, but very little attack.

The tank hero’s job is to protect teammates, especially the hero core, when it happens war. Hero Tank is usually in the front row as a shield for his comrades.

The same with heroes magician and Support, hero tank most are also endowed with skills Crowd control that can help a teammate or make it difficult for his opponent.

Here is a list of 16 heroes tank in Mobile Legends.

  • Minotaur (15,000 battle points)
  • Johnson (32,000 battle points)
  • Lolita (32,000 battle points)
  • Belerick (32,000 battle points)
  • Atlas (32,000 battle points)
  • Barats (32,000 battle points)
  • Bavaria (32,000 battle points)
  • Glo (32,000 battle points)
  • Grock (32,000 battle points)
  • Hylos (32,000 battle points)
  • Uranus (32,000 battle points)
  • Chufra (32,000 battle points)
  • Gatotkaca (32,000 battle points)
  • tiger (6,500 battle points)
  • Akai (32,000 battle points)
  • Franco (32,000 battle points).

This is the discussion of hero roles and the list of heroes in the latest Mobile Legends. What’s your favorite role guys?

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