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MAX Alpha Series Free Fire Battlegrounds tournament with a total prize of 50 million rupiah

GAMEFINITY.ID, Jakarta – In the midst of a pandemic hitting Indonesia, various activities need to be restricted physically and socially. Under these uncertain conditions Esports shows its existence as modern entertainment and competition that remains valid under all conditions.

Even some far more traditional sports have chosen esports as a way out amid a pandemic. For example, the F1 racing, MotoGP and Nascar switching to official games licensed by their respective associations.

In order to maintain the evolving esports ecosystem and in line with all of the above facts, Metaco has decided to once again hold an online tournament called MAX (Metaco Arena Xperience) Alpha Series. The first game to be named was Garena Free Fire, also known as the most popular battle royale game in Indonesia.

The MAX Alpha Series Free Fire Battlegrounds will use a full online tournament format. It is estimated that this tournament will attract the attention of thousands of professional and amateur free fire teams from all over Indonesia. The registration of the Metaco MAX Alpha Series itself takes place from April 10, 2021 to April 17, 2021 at:

From the thousands of registered teams, 1,728 teams will be selected, divided into three qualification groups. Each qualification group consists of 576 teams divided into 48 groups. The best team in each group goes to the next round.

In the second preliminary round, 48 teams fight against each other, so that only 4 teams remain. The remaining four teams will be combined in the third round with four invited teams and two wildcard teams (a total of 10 teams).

The two teams that are given access to the wildcard are the favorite teams chosen by the audience that do not qualify for the preliminary round. So every team that was unlucky in the second qualification still has a chance.

From the three preliminary rounds, 12 teams emerged from each qualification group. The 12 teams will compete against each other in the MAX Alpha Final in July 2021.

“We don’t believe there is any specific reason that can hinder the growth of the esports ecosystem and all of its achievements in Indonesia. Even if the whole world is in a pandemic, there will always be a way as long as there is a passion for achievement. This is what we want to convey to the eSports ecosystem in Indonesia through the MAX Alpha Series, ”said Iskandar Ramli how Metaco CEO.

“Essentially, the ecosystem of esports has to be fought for, even if there are currently limits that cannot simply be crossed.” He added.

Metaco MAX Alpha Series is broadcast on the YouTube channel which is located at: This tournament will compete for a prize of 50 million rupees.

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