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Marsha reveals her biggest regrets in Pro Scene Mobile Legends!

Marsha reveals her biggest regrets in Pro Scene Mobile Legends!

Marsha is one of the professionals in the scene who has played in strong teams in the Indonesian Mobile Legends scene such as RRQ, EVOS and Louvre.

Yes, Marsha came to RRQ first before moving to EVOS and finally the Louvre.

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On their NimoTV live streaming, Marsha and Oura had a little chat and Marsha revealed their greatest regrets during the Mobile Legends pro scene as follows.


A lifelong regret of a patient march, Leeerr ️#mobilelegends_id #evosesports #rrq #fyp #foryoupage #fyp シ

nhạc nền – Chill Uot Lofi – Chill Uot Lofi

“The thing I regret most about esports is that there was a moment when I left EVOS. Then you (Oura) called me again, didn’t you? I haven’t entered the Louvre yet, that position is still with EVOS folks. Only Eko called me while I was playing, at the time I said ‘I can’t, I have to go to the Louvre now’ so I regretted it. For example, I’m still determined to play with Eko, I think I can feel the M1 trophy, ”said Marsha.

That’s the biggest regret Marsha revealed, that maybe she could try the M1 trophy if she just stayed or committed to EVOS.

However, according to SPIN Esports, it could happen, but considering that Tanks position was after Marsha’s departure was Donkey, who returned to EVOS after playing in Revo, something else could possibly happen due to the differences in chemistry.

Oura’s own view at the time confirmed Marsha’s words. But there’s no denying that Marsha is also one of those players in the Mobile Legends scene who are pretty strong as a tanker.

It is not impossible with the line-up without Donkey being replaced by Marsha, EVOS could have won the M1 trophy back then.

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Marsha Reveals Her Biggest Regrets in Pro Scene Mobile Legends! first appeared on SPIN.

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