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Lokapala, a MOBA game from the nation's children ready to compete with Mobile Legends

GAMEFINITY.ID, Jakarta – Newzoo, one of the game industry researchers, said Indonesia is a very promising game market. Even the game industry in Indonesia Reportedly ranks second after Thailand in Southeast Asia. At the global level, too, Indonesia occupies the 16th largest position in the world.

But unfortunately, the Indonesian game industry, especially game developers, is still controlled by several large countries such as Japan, the United States and China. Call it the Mobile Legends game: Bang Bang or PUBG Mobile, the two smartphone games have managed to dominate the market in Indonesia. Then what about the fate of the local game developers? Indonesia actually has some good local game studios. One of them is Anantarupa.

Anantarupa Studio is a content creation company, both for applications and games. Well, one of the most interesting games from Anantarupa Studio is Lokapala. A MOBA game with gameplay similar to Mobile Legends and AOV. Then what is interesting about the Lokapala game compared to similar games?

Diana, co-founder and COO of Anantarupa Studio, revealed that this game contains many elements of the archipelago’s cultural and historical background. In addition, Lokapala game also works with several companies in the creative industry, such as Caravan Studio, Kratoon, InHarmonics, Ragasukma Comic and music composers.

“Lokapala is a MOBA game that goes along with the cultural and historical background of the archipelago. Through this game we want to introduce some of the historical and mythological characters of the archipelago through the concept of visual design in games with the latest context, “said Diana, as quoted by GAMEFINITY.ID from (6/11.). / 2021).

Anantarropa made a small announcement through its official Facebook fan page that the Lokapala game will enter the pre-registration phase earlier this month. The publication date is January 2021. (FA)

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