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List of hero races and nations in Mobile Legends

Many heroes are available and playable in Land of Dawn, the Mobile Legends battlefield. Each of these heroes has a variety of unique abilities and appearances. Heroes are also made up of different races and Guinea nations! Here are the different races and countries in Mobile Legends that the editor has successfully rounded up.


The nation that numerically dominates the Land of Dawn in battle. There are so many human races in Mobile Legends, name it Tigreal, Lancelot, Odette, and others.


The Yassons have imperfect feet, but their agility is incredible and born to fight. The character who belongs to the nation is Karrie.


Elves are human-like figures, but have longer ears. They are moon god worshipers and usually have longer lives than humans and generally possess magical abilities. The elves in Mobile Legends are Estes, Miya, Lolita, and Irithel.

Dark elves

Unlike elves, dark elves were elves who fell into darkness after reversing their belief in the moon god and glorifying dark forces. His body is usually darker than that of an elf. The dark elves included here are Karina and Selena.


Humanoid itself is a person often referred to as a stuffing gun because they were created to be a killing machine. You have a human body, but some machine-like body parts. Some of these humanoid heroes are Alpha, Saber, and Angela.


Can take the form of a bull but can speak and walk like a human. The Minotaur is also known as the guardian of the labyrinth. The character in Mobile Legends is the Minotaur himself.


A being who has one eye and is a real giant, at least in his home country. Cyclops is the figure.


An angel figure that physically resembles a human, but has wings. They were creatures that inhabited heaven. The characters were Freya, Rafaela and Argus.


In the form of a fat panda beast, has a body full of fur and is an expert in martial arts. Akai is the only panda race to date.

Elf cat

A real man with ears and a tail like a cat (?). Nana is one of them so far.


A demon with immense power of darkness. Their shape has a property that is horns on the head and bad and evil bodies around it. Alice, Vexana and Moskov are such characters.


The Shura people have the best looks of men. Men have strong figures and women are the most beautiful in the world. Until now, Martis has been the only Shura in the Land of Dawn.


The askati have two forms, a crow and a human. Most askati can be transformed by the magic they possess. Askati’s figure is Pharsa.


Kastiyan is an alien from outside the Land of Dawn who enjoys torturing people weaker than her. Zhask is one of them.


A country that thirsts for blood and war. You have the soul to fight from birth. The strongest is Balmond.


Half-human and half-equine, the Centaur is known for its exceptional strength and defense. They are the protectors of the source of life. Hylos was the figure.

Stone titanium

Titan Stone is the oldest breed in the Land of Dawn, having existed for thousands of years. They had relatively slow movements, but enormous strength. One example is Grock.


A breed with an unknown name and origin is unknown. But they are the deadliest breed to begin with. Helcurt is the only one who goes out.

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