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List of the 7 best Free Fire characters

Free Fire has variants, types and options, what is it? As in the nature of the weapon to the character. Why is that? Given the large number of users and players in the game, it’s no surprise that Free Fire offers a variety of weapons, characters, and more.

This time we are going to introduce 7 characters in Free Fire who are quite big and famous on the Free Fire battlefield. Please take a look that the seven characters we are about to explain can be a means or an addition to your options to select, buy, use and understand them in the Free Fire game.

Wukong Free Fire characters

Nickname Free Fire

The Free Fire character called Wukong, as the name suggests, some of you Free Fire players already know the physical form. Wukong is an ape-like type of person who is said to be famous in the era of the eastern continent and considered the king of the apes. In Free Fire, he has a face like a monkey with a weapon in the shape of a stick, with clear advantages and advantages when playing with Wukong.

The advantage of the Wukong character is that he has a special ability called Camouflage, where this ability turns Wukong into a plant in the form of bushes. The stealth skill is considered very useful for scouting out enemy movement, but don’t forget that this skill also has a limited time limit, so players need to be wise and precise when using these skills. The downside is that it’s easy on the counter, so players are advised to be experts in dealing with Wukong characters on the battlefield.

Free fire sign Alok

The Free Fire character named Alok is a real person in the real world, Alok is quite a well-known DJ for whom he has received a lot of awards. Alok is also one of the top DJs on the list, he also became a DJ due to the influence of his father and mother’s profile, with his parents being quite good DJs at the time.

DJ Alok is one of the most popular types of support characters in Free Fire especially for young people namely young kids, besides looking pretty cool, DJ Alok also has skills that are pretty over power where he has healing skills that are useful for all of his Friends who were close to him can be generated. In addition, DJ Alok can also achieve a pretty great buff effect, e.g. B. adding 15% movement speed with a fairly large buff circle.

Free Fire Chrono Characters

The Free Fire character named Chrono is the inspiration of the world famous soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7), with the partnership of CR7 and Free Fire there is a Free Fire character named Chrono. Chrono was featured on Free Fire on December 19, 2021, where a character named Chrono is a Free Fire character with a facial appearance similar to CR7. Chrono is described as the world’s bounty hunter, he is present in the world as a character who will end Time Warp.

Chrono’s great ability is to block his opponent’s attacks, an ability called Time Turner is where Chrono creates a field with its range where a force field makes Chrono block enemy attacks, and then enemy attacks that are blocked , make a bonus buff for movement speed, movement speed is increased by 15% and increased by 5% at each level, with this skill Chrono is considered suitable for combinations of combos on other characters in Free Fire.

Free Fire Kelly Character

The Free Fire character named Kelly is a female character in Free Fire. Kelly is a 17-year-old female character with a signature all-yellow outfit. Kelly is a female athlete from high school where her real name is Shimada Kiriko, her favorite thing is that she enjoys running on the track because for Kelly, running is part of her mind. It is said that Kelly is a woman who is able to overcome any obstacle that lies in front of her.

Kelly is a favorite character, most of all she is loved by female gamers too, apart from her looks, which shows that she is a tough woman, her skills are another matter. Kelly’s main skill is called Dash, which skill makes Kelly have an above average running speed and is increased by 1% at each level. We recommend Kelly in combos with other characters who have high damage or high defense so that Kelly can be balanced in terms of both speed and damage or defense.

Free Fire Moco Characters

The Free Fire character named Moco is one of the female characters in Free Fire. Moco is a legendary figure in the Mayan world, Moco is commonly known as Chat Noir because of his skills and intelligence. Moco is a woman with great ability in computer hacking, if Moco hacking a computer she will easily go unnoticed and will soon disappear like a shadow. Moco is a Free Fire character with purple hair with green ends, Moco’s outfit has some green glitters on every corner.

As one of the most popular female characters, Moco, a hacker, is a character with unique abilities where he marks each enemy he shoots at with a certain amount of time from each level so that the enemies get into trouble when they Moco on the battlefield meet while fighting, solo or in a squad.

Free Fire Maxim characters

The Free Fire character named Maxim is a character whose gender is not clear. He is described as a white-haired man with a pretty casual and trendy outfit style. Maxim is 17 years old and was born on November 30th. Maxim has a habit of livestreaming while eating, he is a human character who has an extraordinary appetite. If he is offered a meal, he will never refuse it, even if it is not tasty. With an extraordinary appetite, he is sure he already has an award for winning food competitions.

Maxim is known as a person liked by people for his attitude, maybe this can also be carried over to player reactions about Maxim because the average gamer likes him too, besides his cheerful looks he also has quite useful skills to use can medkits and eat mushrooms are faster than the average standard of other characters in Free Fire.

Free Fire Hayato characters

Free Fire The character named Hayato is from Japan, he is a legendary samurai who is reliable and strong. At the age of 20 he is the only heir to his family, he is a young samurai with unknown secrets, he is said to be a samurai character who will do anything even if his life is at stake to fight his enemies.

Hayato is a handsome samurai who is very popular among Free Fire players. Apart from his looks, he is also known as a character with barbaric abilities. Anyone facing Hayato one on one would lose to him. The Bushido skill is one of the skills that make him a player favorite because the thinner Hayato’s blood, the higher the damage Hayato inflicts, no wonder this character always comes forward and as the most dangerous of some Free Fire players.

And these are the 7 Free Fire characters we selected for you to better understand their origins and other things. For more information on the strengths and weaknesses of the 7 characters, see other articles on each of the 7 characters. Some Gamefinity articles called “Know the List of 7 Free Fire Characters To Use In Games” can be useful for other news information.

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