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Legend of Kingdoms (LOKI) New MOBA game with a different system

OKEGUYS – Legend of Kingdoms (LOKI) is the newest MOBA game ready to enliven the MOBA scene in Indonesia.

As the newest MOBA game, what makes it different from the previous games? Or even right away.

You’re a MOBA player, of course you’re curious, aren’t you?

Here is the full review.

Legend of Kingdoms user interface and controlsLegend of Kingdoms user interface

The first thing you need to know about this game is the controls, which are definitely the same as similar games.

Use the virtual joystick on the left and some buttons to perform attacks on the right.

The user interface is also similar to the famous MOBA in Indonesia, but with better graphics quality.

Now! It was waited for.

Some views also look different, e.g. B. Profiles, descriptions and more.

Pet Legend of the Kingdoms

Courier functions

The interesting thing about this game is that a courier or a pet is responsible for carrying items that have been purchased.

If you can usually buy items quickly right away, this game requires you to be patient and set a strategy when buying items.

Unfortunately, this courier comes with multiple options and has different speed levels.

heroHero Legend of Kingdoms

Since it’s still new, the number of heroes in this game isn’t too large either.

But that amount is certainly more than enough to get you to play.

And certainly not all of the heroes you can master, right?

Curious? Just download it right now.


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