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Legend Kazu Miura is coming to PES 2021

OKEGUYS – PES 2021 features Legend and Iconic Moment cards for Japanese football legend Kazu Miura.

Pro evolution soccer or gamers know it better than PES, is Konami’s most successful soccer video game, Guys.

Most recently, PES 2021 was released and has received updates on teams and players who will be in the game. PES Now you can play online on PC or console.

And recently, Konami will be releasing new content in PES 2021 that will feature a range of iconic footballers from Japan.

Are you curious about the details? Come on let’s see the news folks!

PES 2021 presents Kazu Miura’s legendary and iconic moment cards

PES 2021 Kazu Miura
Photo: Konami

Konami is going to give away the legend card Kazu Miura, a legendary Japanese soccer player, for free to make a campaign VamosJ.

With a rating of 76 out of a possible 79 rating, Kazu Miura’s Legend card is only silver, folks. Konami will not only be handing out Legend Cards, but also Kazu Miura’s Iconic Moment cards.

This iconic moment is based on his game when he played for Brazilian club Santos against Palmeiras on April 29, 1990.

PES 2021 Kazu Miura
Photo: Konami

This card has a rating of 88 with a potential rating of 96. If you are using the Santos Club during play, this card has a boost of up to 98.

In addition to Kazu Miura, there are other legendary and young players who will be present in the Legend and Iconic Moment cards, such as Hidetoshi Nakata, Takefusa Kubo, Shinji ono and many more guys.

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Well, that is the info on Kazu Miura’s Legend and Iconic Moment cards coming to PES 2021. For those of you playing PES 2021, don’t miss this news!

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