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Learn 8 types of hero skills in AOV

Ata's heroic appearance, control and initiator skills

Each hero in AOV (Arena of Valor) has different fighting skills. Tencent divides hero skills into 8 forms, viz Finisher, mobility, Harras, steering, initiator, buffer, Robbery of life, and healer. Some heroes can also have 2 skills at the same time. Now on the match team, you may have to pay attention to the skills of these heroes. Let’s discuss each function of the eight hero skills.


As the name suggests, this hero is able to inflict tremendous damage on his enemies. Finisher is a hero who can be said to end the fight if he’s in late game. These heroes generally have Attack damage until Real harm which is pretty high. One of the heroes famous for his finisher ability is Zanis.


Mobility is a hero with expertise who can move in and out of combat very quickly. This hero is very agile when it comes to ambushing enemies when a gank occurs. Some heroes with high mobility skills are Kriknak and Murad.


Harras is a hero skill that can drain enemy HP from a long distance. Generally, heroes with this skill are brought in by Mage-type heroes. An example of a hero with pretty good Harras skills is Liliana.


Control is a hero who has the expertise to control or stop his opponent’s actions for a long time. Examples of heroes with abilities that bind opponents are Aleister and Arum.


Initiator is a hero with the ability to destroy the opponent’s formation and defend teammates during the game. This hero is the leader of victory when a gang occurs, of course this hero has Physically and Magic defense which is pretty high, like the heroes Thane and Wiro Sableng.


Giving buffs to teammates or enemies is these heroes’ ability. This hero is also the key to reversing defeat during the game. Examples of puffer heroes like Alice, Lumburr, and Tee Mee

Robbery of life

Hero Lifesteal is a hero who can restore lost HP from any attack he inflicts on his enemy without assistance heal or buy items. Well, this is the hero who can survive the most when an opposing team beats him up, for example like the hero Lu’bu.


When lifesteal relies on attack every recovery while healer is a hero ability to restore HP per second. Sometimes HP is restored not only for himself but for his teammates as well. Examples of heroes with healing powers are Payna and Ta’ara.

Well folks, of the eight AoV hero skills, what’s your favorite hero? If the above discussion still puzzles you, it’s a good idea to leave a comment below and don’t forget to share it with your friends so you don’t find any other interesting content. I will first say goodbye and see you.

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