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Leaked Harley's New Skin - Soul Squad Mobile Legends 2021

This is Harley’s new skin leak – Soul Squad Mobile Legends 2021, will get another squad skin!

Harley seems to be coming back for a new skin soon after looking gorgeous in meta-season 21 and becoming the top pick in Mobile Legends.

Yes, leaked accounts Mobile legends in indonesia like @aceunyill informs that Harley will have a new skin.

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This new skin is a Squad or Series skin, which means there will be a number of heroes who have a similar look or concept to this Harley skin.

Harley – Soul Squad

Harley squad
Source: YT Ace Unyill

You can see the leak from Harley’s newest skin squad above. Where it looks shiny bluish according to the theme of the squad.

The Soul Squad itself doesn’t have a history yet, but it is reported that it will have a new hero leader who will likely be around for the next several months.

Harley hasn’t been confirmed as the first member, but it looks like it’s still an unfinished wallpaper.

When to release?

Harley RRQ Hoshi user error

When will Harley’s newest skin and a new Squad skin be released? Mobile legends soul The team still doesn’t have any official information, but given the widespread use of Harley recently, it’s not impossible if it could be released quickly.

But since there is a Villain Squad that has also leaked and is expected to be there in September 2021.

It is still a long way or about 3 months away. This is based on the fact that superhero skins appear every 3 months (Esmeralda – June, Vale – March)

But let’s wait for the latest news on the progress of this skin, hopefully there will really be clarity with the release of this Soul Squad skin.

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