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Latest update on AFK customization in Mobile Legend

It doesn’t feel like Mobile Legend has entered Season 7 right now, and it’s good news for people who are often attacked by the crew and AFK as well.

Because recently, Moonton, as the developer of the Mobile Legend game, has made some adjustments to such behavioral violations.

The following is an update from the Moonton party:

In order to create a good gaming environment, we’ve been tracking AFK and rule breaking issues since the game was released. In previous versions, we punished AFK players with bans, but this resulted in innocent players being punished as well because the AFK system works. We hope to be able to make adjustments in this version that fix this problem.

  1. For players who have AFKed since the start of the game, we will reduce your penalty as long as you get back into the game and play well (receive silver, gold or MVP on wins). – Winning is a mandatory requirement to meet these criteria because if you left the game and lost your friend, you would have disrupted the comfort of your team.
  2. For players forced to AFK due to network issues, we will check your connection which may take longer to determine the result. – We also recommend gamers to play if their network connection is good! You have to take responsibility for your team.
  3. The precautionary measures have been extended to the master rank. If you’re AFKed and not in the lobby, rest assured to get a gold medal or MVP for the outcome of the game. This protection prevents you from losing stars if you meet the criteria, can only be used once a day – we have released this feature and we may increase the precautions for higher ranks in the future, however, as there are not many at high levels AFK actions, the criteria are also tightened.
  4. We have revised the report feedback system, the new report feedback system will be more concise and accurate.

One advice – MVP doesn’t lose stars – from players, we think this could lead to players in the game rarely contributing to the team and just worrying about their own stats or maybe choosing a hero who is easier to get MVP. For this reason we save this suggestion at the end, at the same time we take the advice of the players at any time, we will take it seriously.


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