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Latest update Mobile Legend Patch Notes 1.2.16

Season 5 is about to end so players of the Mobile Legend game will see a pretty significant change in Season 6 in a few days.

The changes that will appear later in Season 6 are as follows:

Panda Warrior Akai Hero has been redesigned with all new models, skins and play styles!

Background story: The clumsy panda can dream too! Deep in the villages of the Far East, where pandas mostly enjoy the carefree lifestyle of an Akai, a rolling panda who wants to be a warrior. Although his parents tell him to give up his dream and keep teasing his friends, the clumsy Akai never gives up. He practiced every day to get stronger and soon caught the attention of a wandering monk. Under the monk’s guidance, Akai masters the attack and hopes one day to use it against the best warriors in the world. Now is Akai’s time to shine!

Hero Traits: The new Akai is a crowd controller hunter / tank


    Players in the Mobile Legend game will feel a pretty significant change in the latest Sea update, Mobile Legend Patch Notes 1.2.16
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8 Free Heroes: Server Time 9/15/2017 5:00:00 AM – 9/22/2017 5:01:00 AM (Press the Settings button in the top right corner of the home screen to check)

Alice; Karina; Tiger; Rafaela; Fanny; Kagura; Ruby; Johnson

Starlight Member Extra 6 free heroes: Bruno; Bruno; Chou; Alphas; Auroras; Harley8 Free Heroes: Server Time 9/22/2017 5:00:00 AM – 9/29/2017 5:01:00 AM (Press the Settings button in the top right corner of the home screen to check)

Nana; Akai; Mia; Eudora; Hayabusa; Pumpkin; Gatotkaca; Yi Sun-shinStarlight Member Extra 6 Free Heroes: Clint; Sun; Kagura; Ruby; Hilda; RogerMiya Skin-Modena Butterfly, All new legendary skins, all new experiences, win them via “Magic Wheel”, if you win them, special avatars and shareable images will be unlocked Kagura-Skin – Sakura Miko, 749 Diamonds, First Week 30% DISCOUNT .
Akai and his Dkin summer party will be gift wrapped, first week 30% discount.

Adapted to some of the recommended gear heroes In this version, the Moonton group made some adjustments to Yi Sun-shin. Let’s start with the bleeding mechanic: we originally hoped that this mechanic would complement his capabilities and help him create another play zone. In the actual game environment, it’s weaker than we thought so we let go of that mechanic. Instead, we’ve increased the damage done by melee attacks and have also changed Blood Tide as an extra slow effect for simple melee attacks. At the same time, we’ve damaged Blood Flood’s damage, which allows for better outplay potential.
Yi Sun-shin: Remed Bleed Mechanic, Heavenly Oath effect adapted to “Yi chooses his shoes or glaive to attack according to his distance from the target. The basic glaive attack does more damage and slows down the enemy. A command ship is called in to reinforce the base. Heroes can regularly board the turtle ship next to the base and receive buffs.

Blood Flood: Increased attack damage from 1-1.5 times to 1-2 times, targeted enemies are slowed down within 2 seconds Miya: Turbo-Stealth: A bug where Miya was in Turbo-Stealth and has been fixed didn’t show the right effect. Also fixed a bug where the turbo stealth speed boost only lasts for a second, should now correspond to the rest time Chou: Health per level changed from 195 to 206, Way of the Dragon: Chou is no longer immune to damage, when he uses skills to hit enemies but is immune to crowd control. Fanny: Changed the speed of energy regeneration from 5 to 3. Air Superiority: Effect “Killing a hero with the loot mark will restore Fanny energy, 10 points per shift.” Changed to “Dealing damage to heroes with the loot mark will energize Fanny, 3 points per shift.” Alpha: Beta, Advance ! : Now also works against the jungle monster Grock: Wild Charge: Cooldown time increased by 10 seconds for all levels

Battlefield changes include:
Switch to the spinner and spider positions.
Crabs, reapers, spinners no longer give the killer health, the goblin, ghost mage, giant mouth monster heals moderate health and small mana kills. Spider heals a certain amount of health on kill.

The wiretapping of the social area continues on the official website
Optimized in the game browser
Saber Skin: Codename Storm, will now have a unique image that can be shared after completing the game. Source

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